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Arrogate and aggravate. – AP Forum version.

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The transitive verb ‘arrogate’ is a gift to those who set crossword puzzles. It is a word with many ‘translations’ and continuations. For example :-

“to claim unwarrantably or presumptuously; assume or appropriate to oneself without right.”

Often the answer to a question related to ‘arrogate’ can be worked back to ‘Hubris’. We have Homer thank for that little insight into the Odysseus personality. No matter how you choose to interpenetrate the politically nice wording provided – such as:-

Hubris – “is often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence, accomplishments or capabilities.”

The short, less complex (street) version is of big headed, no nothing buggers who think they are a gift of the gods to the human race. A classic example of ‘arrogate’ and ‘hubris’ – is the CASA. There are several very good reasons for the incumbent minister to resign, which I’ll get to shortly; but perhaps, we may allow a small latitude, some wriggle room; it ain’t as though he is the first to be both terrified and ‘in awe’ of the CASA juggernaut. On paper it is a fairly impressive line up; and, with bipartinsane acquiescence; it is easy enough to simply ‘go along’. A dunderhead, know nowt, witless wonder from Wagga – Wagga would snap up that bait, quick as a wink. But it begs the question, the one he should have asked in the first place – who are these masked men? Its’ a question me, myself and I; not to mention our rabid readers would love to have answered.

Patience children; I’ll get there.

For many a long weary year; enhanced by rumour, legend and the occasional ‘fact’; there have been whispers of the mysterious ‘Iron Ring’. A conclave formed by invitation only; secretive, shrouded, concealed behind the ivory walls and the world renown ‘smoke and mirrors’ side show. Could the whispers be true? Or, more to the point, could this Bogey Man which has stalked industry in shadow, behind the veil ever be brought out to daylight?

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Well, perhaps, maybe, our erstwhile ruttier of the dust bins has managed to at least put a breeze through those veils and give us a glimpse of ‘the dragon’.

The ASC produced 11 sector safety risk profiles, which are in various stages of completion in accordance with the Sector Safety Risk Profile Program. The program further informs surveillance planning through the National Surveillance Selection Plan. The governance of aviation regulatory and safety risk is managed by the ASC. The ASC met 11 times during the reporting period. The ASC reviews civil aviation safety incidents and accidents and surveillance findings which can lead to the revision of the sector safety risk profiles and/or the launch of sector-specific education activities.

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Hard won research paints a picture which could, to the unwashed and unshriven, be interpreted as the ‘Iron Ring’ being formalised. The pathway is murky – but the so called Aviation Safety Committee’ (ASC) is indeed shrouded in mystery. It seems to have been brought into being about the time Skidmore hit the glass ceiling and banged out; the Rev Forsyth brought out his report. All well and good except- no one has heard of this now formalised committee with some serious clout. No members named, no published policy decisions, not a Dicky bird related to ‘sector risk management’ – just orders issued to the boots on the ground, who, lest they loose their billet (and Kool-Aide fountain spot) comply with and keep the wheels spinning.

Strange and mysterious is this ‘committee’. Perhaps Sen. Pat Rex (guru of FOI) could dig up some minutes of meeting; so we could all see what goes on inside the top tier of the Ivory Tower.

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Could the odious St. Commodious have grasped an opportunity to ‘formalise’ the Iron Ring? I ain’t paranoid; but some organisations are ‘secret’ or have secrets – the Masons (bless ’em) for example, not quite as ‘disguised’ as some of the Canberra cults – but they serve as example.

Aye; food for thought indeed. All idle speculation of course – but; fair dinkum; if it walks like a duck etc. I mean – what’s to hide? Nothing that clutch discuss or formulate policy on should be kept from public view. They are, after all; only there on top salary to serve the public and advise the minister – ain’t they?

Speaking of ministers; which I can’t do without dry retching; why hasn’t he resigned after the SOAR debacle. Slobbering over the camera being ‘inspired’ by SOAR; while Buckley is bled to death – now with the gods alone knowing how many young dreams are shattered, with the nightmare of huge debt stalking only to be repaid from a minimum wage job stacking shelves instead of an airline career. It is one of the most disgusting stories I’ve ever witnessed – and I’ve seen a few. Resign minister; do the honourable thing for the nation, your party and the poor bastards who’s lives have been torn apart – believing that YOU thought SOAR was awesome.

P2 OBS on the McDonaught year in review –  Rolleyes

Nearly a year ago…

Via the Morning Mail: McCormack: rattled by Sharri Markson’s interview

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17.02.20. What a revelation, perhaps better described as delusion, are the words right from the mouth of the village idiot himself, the National’s Leader and more embarrassing, the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. Sharri Markson at The Daily Telegraph interviewed the bloody clown at the weekend. Sharri: I rang McCormack to ever-so-politely ask whether he intended to change his “boring” style after the threat to his leadership. It turns out McCormack doesn’t think he’s boring in the least.

Now ffwd to recent McDonaught bollocks… Shy

The Village Idiot McDonaught slaps Qantas with a wet lettuce leaf – UDB??

The more I read this, the more shitty I get, @M_McCormackMP is meant to be supporting the aviation industry, and the national airline @qantas takes a jump by allowing purchases – and Govt (sorry national party) says no … I mean cmon

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&..McDonaught still changing feet –  Blush

Michael McCormack criticised for comparing Black Lives Matter protests to storming of US Capitol



Rolleyes Progress? – P2  Tongue

There, that’s about it. I have always been impressed and often surprise by the inherent intelligence of animals. Don’t suppose anyone gives a continental – but the old stable cat continues to impress. You could quite reasonably expect a hungry animal to be parked by the food bowl, twice a day feeds along with an insulin shot (tiny). Well at 5 AM; I got breakfast ready before I loaded up the syringe with the needed libation; where’s the cat? Sat by the syringe box – and giving me an earful – lest I forget. Go figure – …. It is a lovely evening, Possums stirring; flying foxes settled (and noisy) – dogs giving me the ‘move along’. Fresh air awaits – Exeunt stage left headin for the orchard door.

Selah; stay safe, stay well – but above all: stay sane through these tough times.