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Royal Commission into the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

[Image: kADJpzPzzaexRTM-48x48-noPad.jpg?1640056817] SHANNON BAKER started this petition to Aviation industry.

As we all know, CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) have had underlying issues that have eroded industry confidence at all levels – for decades, after multiple senate enquiries over the years, it appears these have had little to no affect on how CASA continue to operate.

The first step to change – is an independent public investigation into the Civil Aviation Safety Authority… a Royal Commission would be the most appropriate medium for this, and would help restore industry confidence.

“A Royal Commission is an investigation, independent of government, into a matter of great importance. Royal Commissions have broad powers to hold public hearings, call witnesses under oath and compel evidence. Royal Commissions make recommendations to government about what should change.”

The Royal Commission into the Civil Aviation Safety Authority should focus its investigation on:

1) If CASA is ‘fit for purpose’ in its current form, in particular to its Legal, International and Regulatory Affairs Division (LIRA), if CASA’s conduct is reasonable and in accordance with wider aviation community expectations.

2) CASA’s apparent abuse of administrative law, and whether it is appropriate it retain these powers.

3) Whether it is appropriate for CASA to be involved in drafting aviation regulations.

4) Investigation into Freedom of Information requests to CASA and potential interference from (but not limited to) the Legal, International and Regulatory Affairs Division, as openness and transparency are pillars for democracy, trust and progress which will give confidence to industry that good governance is taking place.

5) Investigation into whether there has been any use of taxpayer funds to protect CASA staff in litigation or legal proceedings who have engaged in misconduct or alleged criminal activity, or the signing of NDA (non-disclosure agreements).

6) The erosion of General Aviation in Australia through CASA decisions.

7) Airspace review to align more with the FAA. (USA) rules.

8) Any other matter of importance that should be investigated that comes to the Royal Commission’s attention during its investigation.

In its findings, the Royal Commission should include comment on whether the establishment of an independent aviation ombudsman would be appropriate, and all matters that arise from the investigation that appear to be criminal in nature shall be referred to the Australian Federal Police or other relevant authorities for investigation.

The Royal Commission shall make its findings open, public and transparent, and shall accept submissions from the public during the investigation.

This petition will be presented to federal members of parliament.

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