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Opinion:- It is, daily, becoming embarrassingly apparent that although the DoIT specification was met; and, despite sage advice from the armed forces, indicating that Skidmore may mean and talk well; nothing will be done.  Not on ‘his watch’.  The DAS job is simply beyond his skill set; no shame in admitting that.  The only shame would be to try and bluff his way out of a bad hand, using industry to back it.


It would be quite honourable and acceptable if Skidmore just quit; now, if not sooner before the entire situation spirals out of all control.  We have weighed, we have measured and, sadly, he has been found wanting, for he cannot continue and do either the job or industry justice.

This pitiful begging for industry ‘assistance’ is the final gasp.  CASA is loudly and internationally touted as ‘the’ regulator; they are not of course.  Look at the fearful hash made of the latest attempts to bring in changed regulation.  Legally risible, operationally untenable, providing little else but increased costs, uncertainty and opportunity for further bad behaviour from those who make a sport of the practice.

Industry was not paid the money or granted the unlimited powers to do as they pleased, quite the reverse in fact.  Industry did not create the current impasse, the buggered up law or the inability to make those laws work; CASA did that, all by themselves, except ‘we’ paid for it.

It is tiresome to read some of the first class submissions made to the Rev. Forsyth in good faith, when clearly Skidmore has not.  It is beyond reason that the ‘directive’ of a crown Minister is to be first ignored then eroded, whittled away to nothing.  The answers have been provided; Skidmore has either not read them; or, chooses not to believe them.  But why then ask (nay, beg, for he no way to pay) for that same assistance from the same people – AGAIN.

It is reprehensible that vast sums of public money is used to provide more pointless talk.  If the CASA board want reform, then they must be rid of those who resist it.  If the minister wants the Forsyth reforms, then he must pay those, who can do it; and, do away with those who have proved, beyond any reasonable doubt, that CASA cannot, nor will not do the job properly.

Minister, please; do not ask for credit, a refusal often offends.