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It is most satisfactory when a respected group, like AIPA weigh in and support the IOS claims.  It’s not too bad when a piece of PAIN research is picked up and expanded either; but the icing on the cake is that both reports were looked at by the Committee in relation to the Pel-Air scandal and the Forsyth review panel..  LINK to long post.

PAIN, AIPA and many others were in concert during the Forsyth review.  All top class stuff; wasted thus far.  I know how much effort and research went into the PAIN submissions and can, with a little effort work out the equation for the AIPA effort.  When you add it all up; and include the many other fine submissions to both inquiries; it is a no brainer to see that there is a serious outcry from many people, against the incompetence and intransigence of CASA, ATSB and to some degree ASA and the BoM.

It’s a mess – it needs to be cleaned up – that’s not getting done.

We hear DPM Truss wants it done; we hear Boyd &Co want it done; we hear the Rev Forsyth wants it done, we know industry want it done.  So what’s the ducking hold up?

It’s all there; easily discernible from industry submission; concise, verifiable, honest, expert opinion; freely offered, in hope of reform.  Instead, we get Skidmore, part 61, part 135 to come and CAO 48.1, as a reward for that effort.   It’s a Bollocks.