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Chips and the spitting thereof.

Quote:AP “ In that foul stroke of a pen, Australia became aligned and “harmonized” overnight with NZ policy. Note again, that the NZ PMO’s published paper was the only reference given for the CASA change of implementation.”


Quote: AP “This matter is merely one manifestation of a broader failure of CASA to take a risk based and evidence driven approach to medical certification and aviation regulation generally.”

It is heartbreakingly clear from Arthur’s report that the true, disingenuous, duplicitous nature of the regime has emerged from under a slime covered rock hidden deep within Sleepy Hollow woods.  I have never seen anything which takes an industries hopes for reform and dash them so completely.  I have never have I seen the credibility of a Minister, a Board, an Authority or of one man so utterly destroyed, not in so short period.  The settling period over – Wallop – game over; no reform. Except suddenly, we can ‘whoremoanise’; open prostitution comes to Sleepy Hollow.   The SH residents have always kept the mistress discreetly out of sight; until now, seems they intend to flaunt the lack of morals.

“Harmonised” with NZ, just like that, as and when it suits.  But we cannot possibly ‘harmonise’ with the other NZ rules; Oh no, that’s damn near impossible.  Part 61, 145 etc. etc. no way.  The two faced gits want to force feed us a line that the “Australian” part 61 is the leading light and the world wants it.  The worst set of medical rules anywhere are the Kiwi ones; sure, we can ‘harmonise’ with that rubbish and support the purblind fools who enforce it.  But 61 – the biggest multi million duck up ever foisted on mankind, becomes a demi god in the confused, corrupt religion of CASA.  Bollocks Skidmore, bugger off, do us all a favour; just leave.

I don’t know where Arthur finds the control to write in such a sanguine manner; I can’t: not for the moment, fury rules.  But he is bang on the money.  The betrayal of hope, the insanity of dismissing the Forsyth “view”; the total contempt for the Senate recommendations; the useless, gutless Minister, the smug complicity of the DoIT and the two faced nature of the betrayal have created a need for a short thinking period.  One in which I can deal with the disgust, disappointment and sense betrayal.  The dislike of bullies, hatred of liars, utter contempt for those who willingly support them and disgust for those who have two faces have long been trusted companions.  Skidmore now becomes hard to classify; but, no doubt I shall complete the assessment in due course.

The balls of Boyd.

Are they big enough?   Even with the board and we hear whispered Ministerial support can Boyd now face down the Iron Ring, CASA LSD and Merde’k to dump Skidmore?  It’s a fair question, because that is now the only option left, not just for ‘GA’ or the ‘middle’ levels, but all aviation. As Arthur says, it’s just the thin end of the wedge.

Being a cynic and a long time watcher of CASA, I have for a while now being watching the Skidmore actions, sure, listen with half an ear to the new boy’s rhetoric and even allow for his total naiveté when it come to anything connected to the real world of commercial operations.  We have made allowances for this, probably more than was strictly prudent; however.   Skidmore showed his CVD hand at Estimates; “we can still appeal this”.  Disappointment was inevitable from that moment.

Since then, in all matters aeronautical we have seen the duplicitous Skidmore nature emerge.  It is only now that the six month trail period is over, that the true Skidmore face is being seen.  This response to CVD, the overt support for Part 61, for the CASA ‘troops’ and the McComic method will, I fear, typify the Skidmore regime.  We can dispense with ignorance as a defence; we must now look to malice aforethought.

This man not going to assist reformation, he has embraced all that is unholy and rotten within Sleepy Hollow.  Time is up, he must resign.  The board can and should terminate his contract, now, before Forsyth and Senate recommendations, along with industry hopes for reasoned changes, disappear for ever.    CASA and Skidmore have declared war rather than a negotiated truce, it’s high time the indecisive, silent majority to spoke out, loud and clear.

Perhaps it’s time PAIN showed it’s fangs.  I will, when the fury subsides and disappointment fades, put together a cohesive argument, but for now – Skidmore must go,  will suffice..