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It is a mad world, seriously, truly, completely and utterly insane. I watch the news and see the lamp-post huggers, armed with candles, all dewy eyed and wailing because a sovereign nation has exercised their law and shot a couple of drug smugglers, who for profit, without a thought or care for those on whom they inflict untold misery and would still have been plying their trade today, espousing all manner of criminal acts from those who must feed the habit, before their children – had they not been caught.

The death penalty has for generations been a fierce debate, both sides as diametrically opposed as they could be; and, there is much merit for both arguments. But, that aside, it beats me, how so much anguish, government intervention and press coverage a couple of people who deliberately, with intent, set out to break not only the law of the land, but those of human decency can evoke.

Yet there rests Bernie Curral, innocent of any crime, no all night vigils for her. Karen is still suffering, tormented and desperately trying to live a normal life, as are her fellow survivors. Will Abbott recall the heads of the departments which allowed this treatment; NO, but recalling an Ambassador for a couple of drug dealers – no problem.

Crazy, crazy stuff – Karen cannot even get a timely response from a court, but for convicted criminals – all night vigils, singing, placards, candles, flowers, stuffed toys (FCOL) and buckets of tears (all on camera of course).

What sort of world do we live in Daddy? – tell me how I answer my children’s honest questions?