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I note that the risible, totally non-(and never likely to be) provable notion that Vlad Putin had a hand in the MH 370 puzzle is still getting oxygen. (cue wry smile). I can only think that apart from a clearly commercial motive this lively red-herring is out there to distract. There is no compelling evidence to support any claim, particularly against the leader of a sovereign nation who does not appreciate being ‘shirt-fronted’. Had Russia or Vlad wanted anything or anyone on board that aircraft there are at least 100 more subtle, less volatile and unpredictable methods of achieving that end. Call of Bollocks on Vlad being the villain. So who’s on first base?

Logically and sentimentally the flight crew may be put at the back of the queue; it could be and anything is possible. But given the speed at which the ‘pilot error’ axe is swung and the ‘convenience’ it brings; if there was even a whisper that either pilot was a ‘wrong-un’, head banger or regular fruit cake; we should have heard about it long before now. It is reasonable to assume their mates, co-workers and those who did not particularly like the pilots would have been grilled to a frazzle. Given the queer little kitchen cabinets which spring up in airline operations, there had to be someone who thought less of the flight crew; but not a Dicky bird. On balance, without evidence, the flight crew argument is weak.

Traditionally, as all professional flight crew are aware there are two basic threat areas; bomb-on-board; and, the nut in the cabin with a gun (or both). The bomb-on-board threat may be ruled out; there was no overt communication or demands made for the release of land to gay whales or similar. Had the bomb threat been covert, then there would, in all probability, be someone crowing “we done it”. So, once again on balance, BoB can be shuffled off to the back of the line. Which leaves us with the overt, on-board threat, an armed nut. Not for serious consideration though, is it? A seven code squawk, radio comms, Sat-phone any one of a dozen methods would have alerted to world to their plight. Nope. Back of the line for the lone wolf  head-case.

There are some fairly convoluted, tortured theories about some weird combination of fire, catastrophic failure and various ‘mechanical’ meltdowns. Leaving the esoteric behind and returning to reality, the mathematical probability against any flight path being followed after such an event are huge; becoming astronomical if you accept the turns and subsequent manoeuvring. We can rule out sudden loss of pressurisation, even a subtle, slow loss which put everyone to sleep can be safely ruled out; aircraft which have experienced this continue on and do not make a series of turns, winding up pointed the wrong way. Nope, non sequitur: the automatics would simply continue straight line flight until the donkeys died of starvation.

As much as the whimsical “K” theory that ET got it pleases me, this is starting to look and feel more and more like a deliberate, calculated criminal act. Perhaps it all went wrong, maybe it didn’t: either way, buggering about looking for the aircraft maybe, in practical, pragmatic terms pointless unless we can work out who-dunnit and why. Find the jokers at the bottom of this and you will find your aircraft. QED.

The so called ‘mystery’ is well passed it’s use by date. Maybe Vlad could turn his investigators loose, or Rothschild could hire a team of ex CIA hoods to do the job; but please Dear World, do not let the smoke blind you or the mirrors dazzle. Demand a full, open criminal investigation, who had the best motive and the most to gain? Malaysia can afford it and there is a plenitude of talent available to do the job; unless of course, there is something to hide.

There, that’s my AUD $00.20, spent as pleased me best.

P7 a.k.a. TOM.

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