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P9 –“..Just a quick note from IOS – HQ; the Forum just passed 250,000 ‘views’. The Blog is running just shy of 242,500 and trading just over 7000 a week; so, with a bit of luck (nod to the gods) this time next week, the site will have had 500,000 views. Aunty Pru says thank you to all who have supported the sites. Choc frogs for all..” 

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P1 – Opinion.  Started off peacefully enough – HERE – one of the crew found a very good aviation related website and copied a well drafted opinion piece on the Pel-Air ditching.  PAIN has been patiently waiting for the new CASA CEO to give a sign that reformation of the CASA has begun.  One of the most damaging episodes in the history of CASA industry relations is the Pel-Air event.  To the man at the back of the room, this would seem to be an obvious place to start, for whatever credibility CASA had before the Pel-Air event was destroyed afterwards.  That credibility to this day, remains in shattered fragments, ignored, despite some serious, powerful recommendations to repair the mess, restore credibility and restructure the department.  Needless to say, this has not, nor is it likely to happen. – See more at:

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