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Quote:P2 – The TAAAF policy is truly a well researched blueprint for industry survival and future positive growth.  IMO it is

The TAAAF policy is, IMO the ONLY possible way for any government to retrieve the aviation industry.  The new minister will be spoon fed the latest CASA guff about how well the industry is doing and how happy we all are.  It is probably ‘safer’ for the minister to believe those fairy tales; so, lets assume he does.  Then the next case industry should present is how much better we could all be doing without the ridiculous impediments enforced by the ‘authority’.

Lets suppose the ‘Authority’ is put firmly back into it’s rightful place as an ‘Administrator’; for indeed that is it’s true role; then, if we can imagine that the artificial barriers and imposts are removed, we could see a great little outfit like ‘Brumby’ progress from a modest 50 aircraft sold a year to perhaps 150; a percentage exported and the current employee level raised from a humble 12 or so, to perhaps 24 or even 30.  Maybe the regional carriers and charter operators could afford to increase and modernise.

This cannot happen when it literally costs over $100,000 to place a new aircraft type on an existing AOC and can take well over a 12 month.

The TAAAF are very much aware of this; their excellent policy provides a clear, bullet-proof pathway for government to follow.  A pathway mapped out, free of charge, by industry experts working from real facts and accurate, coal face data.  If and it’s a big IF the Rev Forsyth’s recommendations and the AMROBA time frame could be harnessed at the same time; the minister responsible for that would go down in legend.

Lets assume CASA is correct and industry is doing well; think how much better it could do unencumbered. Increased employment, increased export, increased revenue, increased profit all of which put bread on the government table and help the nation.  So much better than bumping along the bottom in an endless cycle of more expense to provide more rules, to provide more exemption to flawed rules and fund another decade of ‘regulatory reform’ from a diminishing pool of revenue generated.

Quote:P2 – “However the question still hangs on whether the next government has enough insight & testicular fortitude to stare down the bureaucracy and adopt all the essential TAAAF recommendations???

Spot on mate; bang on the money.  I’ll say it again; the aviation industry can deal; with the rule set, what it cannot do, not for very much longer, is continue to underwrite the lunacy, restrictions and impediments produced by the administrator.  Reform the regulator, the rest flows from there.  However, I repeat myself.

There is one more thing TAAAF could do to which I believe to be essential.  They must ensure that ALL the alphabet groups speak as one, together.  No separate cosy chats and individual agreements. The oldest game play is the tried and true “well, minister, they can’t seem to agree among themselves, so in the absence of agreement, we’ll act as we see best; we are, after all ‘the’ authority”.  There you go, right there, game, set and match to the denizens of Sleepy Hollow.  All together – or not at all.  Get behind TAAAF and stick together, you never know, we may even win one round this decade.  Enough?….

Right then, back to my knitting.

Toot toot.