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Full steam GD – NOW!
{Blame P2 – he kicked it off} – HERE-.

In any, and I do mean any activity or pursuit which has a ‘risk’ element the essential thing is to address any item which may increase that risk, immediately.  The ‘snow-ball’ syndrome, delight of simulator instructors, is a classic example; where a simple fault which, if not dealt with promptly and correctly, can trigger multiple warnings, leading to a potential accident situation.  But one does not need to look at the extreme, esoteric situations to see the potential for ‘trouble’ that allowing things to escalate causes; a simple thing like putting off the laundry creates a situation where additional time, effort and expense is a direct result of allowing things to pile up. For the sake of a nail etc.

Quote:And on Friday, CASA apologised to pilots and air traffic controllers who have faced delays in obtaining an aviation medical certificate.

Here we find the quintessential example; how can a supposedly ‘modern’ department with unlimited resources get into such a diabolical mess.  This huge log jam did not magically appear last Monday morning when sleepy and rumpled the Avmed turned up according to their own flexi-time preference. This backlog has been piling up, steadily, day by day with the Avmed crew sitting back, watching it happen.  And the best they can do is apologise.  BOLLOCKS.  Resignation of the ‘PMO’ is the minimum acceptable form of apology.  Out in the real world, this chump would, with malice aforethought, be fired, just for the embarrassment caused to a corporation.  This is not just one or two being inconvenienced; or, some hapless character with a dodgy ticker being bully-ragged though the AAAT; this is hundreds of pilots and Atco potentially becoming unemployable.  It is a ducking disgrace and an apology is no where near good enough, not by a bloody long march it ain’t.

Quote:CASA said it had put on more staff to address the delays in processing medical certificates.

WTF, why now, suddenly?  Why was the situation ever allowed to develop beyond the usual, inevitable delay we have experienced for years now? It is an absolutely ludicrous situation which become untenable, when you look at the ease with which FAA manage three or four times the number of ‘routine’ medicals.

“Sorry – we have put on a couple of extra clerical staff, please be patient”  BOLLOCKS – They are just taking the Mickey and expecting industry to nod, smile and come over all understanding like.  BOLLOCKS.

Quote:Hurst – “Whoever the new Minister is after the election, they will have a massive task still ahead of them which may require further personnel changes if reform cannot be delivered rapidly – something supported by an industry focussed on outcomes not talk.”

Here, here: Bravo, well said Phil Hurst.  They new boy (or girl) need not worry too much about reforming the regulations, reform this useless, incompetent crew running the departments, before they bring this industry to it’s knees.  FFS just imagine the trouble if the public transport drivers of buses and trains has this sort of carry on; better yet reduced services during peak hour because none of their union members had current medicals.  Pony-pooh.

It’s the sheer  bloody lunacy, purblind, total incompetence we have come to expect from an ‘authority’ which needs to be reformed, NOW, not in some distant century, far far, away.

There, I feel much better now – “Yeah, turn it off GD; we’re done here”.

Toot (exasperated) Toot.