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The Karen Casey story from the ABC was not too bad an effort at all. It certainly is one for the ‘punters’, without who’s good will and support, Nick Xenophon could not continue with his Senate colleagues to do as much as they have done to assist the neglected aviation industry. We (collective) send a vote of thanks to the 4C team and their lawyers who probably allowed enough latitude to at least get the essence, if not the detail of the story to the public. Well done ABC, 4C, Kerry O’Brien and Geoff Thompson, thank you.

For the purists, well there was precious little in the way of detail, NX managed to parallel the truly dreadful ATSB management behaviour after Per-Air with MH 370. PAIN has long held the belief that despite the spin, window dressing and Merde’k manipulations, that Beaker and his invented ‘beyond all reason’ ATSB rational would ultimately prove an embarrassment.

Any comprehensive analysis and chronology of the Pel-Air investigation comprehensively defines a twisted, dual pathway to perdition. The same disrespect for the tenets of the ICAO annexes relating not only to reporting, but the authority of the IIC and the ‘probity’ of the investigation is clearly visible. Malaysia and Australia both, guilty of masquerading as ‘honest’ ICAO citizens, without ever letting the truth stand in the way of a required outcome.

Some, but not all of the disturbances to the TSI Act and ICAO principals have been examined; those outrages have, thus far been ignored and trivialised by the government, under advisement from the ‘department’. PAIN believes this advice has been proven to misrepresent the governments position and to camouflage the plain fact that CASA is not only out of control, disassociated from industry and operationally dysfunctional, but morally bankrupt.

Somewhere on the Aunty Pru web site, the PAIN submissions to Senate have been posted, these now form the base for an independent PAIN report which will be published just before the current ATSB investigation of the ATSB investigation is published. The delay is due to monitoring the ATSB investigation as is slowly, reluctantly progresses. Remember, the ATSB is only investigating the accident ‘event’, not the unholy aftermath. Due to the narrow ‘scope’ and very limited terms of reference, not to mention a distinct lack of managerial enthusiasm, some of the items the ATSB will not be revisiting are to be examined on their behalf; such as:-

The time line, chronology if you like. For example on or about Feb 12, 2010 something ‘changed’, a paradigm shift, which leads to many serious questions, as yet, unanswered.

The tricky, deviated CAIR 03/09 report. Standing alone the 03/09 report is an anathema, with the moody background and blatant connivance exposed, it has the potential to become a living breathing nightmare.

The Chambers driven, Hood sanctioned suspension of the James license leads to some very dark corners in the CASA firmament. In combination with the infamous Chambers report it forms an ultimate insult to the integrity of Australian aviation management. The Chambers report, cynically drafted, happily plagiarised, primarily to justify an abhorrent act, shaft enemies, denigrate good honest reporting, gain kudos and curry favour. Despite that report being used by the Senate as a handy stick to beat the CASA donkey, it is now slowly emerging from the twisted wreckage and being recognised for what it truly is.

There is much the ATSB will obfuscate, slide around and sweep under their carpet; it is after all said and done, their very own investigation of themselves. The comparison between the ATSB/CASA assisted ‘report’ and the independent PAIN analysis will be ‘interesting’.

But, I digress; let us hope that the 4C report influences some hearts, focuses some minds and wakes the bamboozled miniscule out of his departmentally induced coma; before Bill Shorten figures it all out, check mates Albo and turns the whole sorry mess into a hag ridden nightmare for the struggling Abbott team. The Minister and his minions cannot claim we didn’t warn them that the roof was about to cave in.



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