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(Play nice GD).

The minister’s ‘thing’ tomorrow will be a first yardstick against which to measure our ‘part time DAS’.  See what manner of man lays beneath the highly polished surface. He does, most certainly have a ‘problem’, an internal one. No matter how many stage managed ‘revitalization’ pantomimes, or tambourine banging sing alongs the minister hosts with lemonade and ice cream, to create ‘good will’ the distrust will linger, like a festering canker.


It’s time someone told it, the way it is. Only fair to the new boy. Some will say “Ah but he is aware of the problems”. I say -NO – he ain’t. Not the deep seated ones, not the deep, dark, archival stuff that has grown into legend over the decades.

Now I’m not one to believe every tale I hear in the pub; I acknowledge that there is always two sides to any quarrel and it take s two to Tango; but, I always listen, carefully, then think it trough, then investigate, then check.  One absolute horror story got me interested in ‘research’, the tale was too bizarre too be true and so began the Bankstown Chronicles.  I was amazed at the results of my investigation; I had been slightly misled. The chap involved had underestimated the amount of sheer bastardry involved. It  was staggering; it was proven to be truly, the most disgraceful episode I have had the misfortune to study. I thought at the time that this could not possibly be anything else but an aberration; sadly that assumption turned out to be wrong, very, very wrong. There are many such examples, where the CASA have, with malice aforethought, set out on a path of deliberate, deceitful destruction.  The BRB have, through research and investigation discovered and verified an amazing amount of ‘embuggerance’, some on a minor scale, others so large as to beggar belief. CASA have gotten away with everything, bar blue murder, unscathed, untouched, untroubled and totally unrepentant.  It is this deeply entrenched ‘fear and distrust’ which underlays every single appeal for ‘reform’; not of the benighted regulations, but of the organisation and those who still hide deep within its bowels, well fed, well paid, gainfully employed, safe in the knowledge that CASA is, indeed above the law. This situation was created by CASA people, the list is long, the files are many; but none of them will change the unspoken abhorrence of CASA, while the minister believes they are above reproach; and he will, as his predecessors did, believe  that faery tale. Except Albo – who embraced it, then broke a squillion rules to have his pet sociopath gifted the job; boy, did the good times roll then.

The minister is entitled to believe whatsoever he chooses; every other minister has. But there can be no meaningful change so long as ‘ the outstanding matters’, close and personal to many in industry, go unchallenged and  while the minister is ‘associated’ with and seen to be supporting of  the ‘authority’, as it stands. Tarred by the same brush, guilty by association. Want an inquiry? then make certain the ToR are aimed somewhere close to the heart of ‘the problem’.

Aye well; time for the BRB which promises to be ‘entertaining’ – given the impending ‘Grand Announcement’ – another one off on the wrong road. No matter, tonight we play ‘the Huns’ and they are no easy beat.  Time to tune up the gunsight, limber the arm and forget, for a while, the awful waste of time, money and people that todays CASA ignore in their ‘presentations’ to the purblind, ignorant, deceived minister of the day. “Smoke and mirrors” “Anyone?” – “We have lots to give away”.