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Spare a thought.

 Sitting alone in her garden this morning is a brave women beset by doubt, anxiety and anger facing what must be, for a mother, the most difficult of decisions.  Karen Casey physically injured through no fault of her own in the Pel-Air air accident, a ditching which could have been prevented, must now decide whether dragging her children through a court hearing process and exposing them to ruthless cross examination will achieve any improvement in the way victims of air accident are treated.  There is a lot more at stake here than a simple compensation claim, Karen’s case exposes the entire sham of Australia’s claim to be an aviation safety doyen of the developed world.

The dilemma is clearly defined, stand and expose herself and family to the tender mercies of insurance company barristers; or opt for a quiet life by accepting an out of court settlement.  Tough call for someone who has battled five years of extreme physical pain and exquisite mental anguish.  It is fitting that we look backward before looking ahead; what was the path which led Karen Casey to this moment, sitting alone in her garden, with only a mug of coffee and a faithful dog as her counsellors?

@P11 – Slats has provided a very concise summary which details just one of the many issues which formed part of the accident chain.  Not immediately apparent to an outside observer is the speed with which the ‘problems’ were claimed to be fixed and the readiness of the Australian regulator (CASA) to accept that claim.   The Senate inquiry into the ditching of the aircraft clearly and unequivocally identified a cynical, politically motivated bastardisation of law, accident investigation and human decency.  Those who followed the Senate inquiry need no convincing of this, the proof is recorded in the parliament Hansard and freely available to all.  It is no coincidence that the unspeakable Pprune engineered a shut down of the Senate inquiry thread for the hearing of Karen’s case would raise, once again, the loud voice of public criticism and we can’t have that now, can we?

Not one of the identified problem areas has even been addressed, let alone satisfactorily eliminated; the Pel-Air accident could occur again, from the same root causes.  The people who happily engaged in the shabby affair are healthy, employed, swaggering and bullying their merry through the manipulation of air safety systems, designed for the protection of those travelling and working in the skies.  Being paid, very well to continue making an art form and a mockery of using those rules and the investigations of accidents, as and when required, to suit their predetermined purpose.

The question for Karen; is the game worth the candle?  We must hope it is, for on those small shoulders rests a mighty weight.

Spare a thought for Karen and wish her Godspeed.