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O, that way madness lies; let me shun that; – AP Forum version.

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Dear old King Lear was in a pickle; no doubt. No happily ever after for him. Awash in a sea of deceit, treachery and error, burgeoning madness was a direct result of ‘the consequences’. Not that ‘consequences’ (foreseen or otherwise) seem to hold any sway in the modern, dog-eat-dog world of the modern ‘developer’; seems there ain’t any – well, none worth a mention. So many escape clauses and so much cooperation from those who sit in a position to fully ‘understand’ the developers version of ‘logic’. In – Out – fast type; and, the legally arguable (at great costs) finer points of safety may, long after the deed is done; be genteelly argued (at great expense) over a number of years (at great expense) by top dog Barristers (at great expense) to arrive at the conclusion that, maybe, perhaps the development was ‘legal’. The consequences ‘unfortunate’ however…….

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“Mad Hatter: “Why is a raven like a writing-desk?”
 “Have you guessed the riddle yet?” the Hatter said, turning to Alice again.
 “No, I give it up,” Alice replied: “What’s the answer?”
 “I haven’t the slightest idea,” said the Hatter”

There has existed in this land a document named ‘Making Ends Meet’. It is and remains a critical assessment of matters relating to the development of aerodromes. Not that it made a skerrick of difference. No matter what safety logic is provided the consequences are continually attacked, degraded and belittled until it seems that ‘you’ are the one out of step and better buck your ideas up, get on board and play with the team. All well and good until some chap slams a five ton aircraft with two ton of highly volatile jet fuel into a building, which could have been full of shoppers at the time. It wasn’t; but there were folks there, setting up and preparing for the crowds expected. They must be entitled to some compensation as a direct result of the ‘consequences’ which led to that building getting whalloped, after expert, scientific advice, was blithely ignored. Oh, yes it was – no mistake. The Murky Machiavellian and his side-kick Dolan were granted all manner of latitude to make the sale of airport land (Commonwealth land) to developers as attractive as possible. Hell they even ‘finessed’ some definitions to assist. All in the name of progress aligned with public safety of course.


“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

And yet, despite the warnings, the incidents, the accidents and the potential for future accidents; the Australian government will not contemplate adopting the Californian ‘safety zones’ model. It is, after all only based on impeccable scientific data and developed from the British notion of ‘safety zones’. The Brits being a bit ‘squeezed’ for room and having a serious number of aircraft aloft – took steps I believe in 1958 (P2 will correct) to mitigate the off chance of an aircraft turning a shopping centre into a charnel house. (They tend to do that – when they hit ‘em). The USA developed a code and mitigated the ‘high end’ risk out of the game. Not so for our lacklustre, financially motivated, short term for high remuneration breed of political animal – hell no.

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“Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.” ― Robert Louis Stevenson

For example; there is a plan to build a large hospital in a regional centre; it is to have all the toys – including a helipad. Bravo. There is even an approach path mapped out for the Choppers which is touted as ‘the best’. For many reasons, that ‘selected’ path suits many people and puts a nice shine on the ‘spin’ delivery. Cool Banana’s; right. Well, answer me one question – just the one, a short one. Do you know what a Flying Fox is?

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Flying-foxes are the largest flying mammals in the world, acting as long-range seed dispersers and pollinators for a large number of native trees.”

“The maps below show the general location of flying-fox roosts in Queensland recorded by the department, and include continuously and periodically (seasonally or irregularly) used roosts. The exact location of roosts may vary within a small localised area.”

Around dusk, grey-headed flying foxes leave the roost and travel up to 50 km a night to feed on pollen,

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Well done class; all correct – now then, for Choc Frog; one last question. How would you like to be a patient flying in a helicopter to hospital, at low level <500′ around about tea time or breakfast time through a 1.5 kilometre ‘launch zone for hundreds of flying foxes? For a bonus point, how many Fruit Bats to kill a Chopper?. Give up, can’t guess, well wait a while and the answer will become clear – the route to the emergency ward through the Fruit Bat launch zone is ‘approved’. Consequences? Wuzzat – Never heard of ‘em. The local airport development plan has – but ‘what-the -hell’.

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“The future is an ever-shifting maze of possibilities until it becomes the present. The future I have shown you tonight is not yet fixed. But it is more likely to become so with the passing of every day because nothing is being done to turn it aside. If you would change it, do as I have told you.” ― Terry Brooks, The Scions of Shannara

The situation came to critical mass with the DFO accident at Essendon. So deep, ingrained and systematic is the rule of ‘no consequence’ that a dead man must be defamed and denigrated to protect the machinations of those without conscience. The ministerial Catamite vowed and declared that, categorically, absolutely and with certainty the pilot not only failed to do his pre take off checks; but ignored five separate chances to prevent the accident. Utter BULLSHIT. I have, for my sins, completed some ‘re-training’ of pilots who have made a mess of a job – same-same as Quartermain had after the Mt Hotham gig. There are only two pathways for the pilot – get conscientious, or go rogue. Never, not ever have I noted a pilot revert to old slack habits, not once they have seen the error of their ways. I’ve seen them go ‘tuther way – pedantic and more. But Quartermain was psychologically much more likely to make sure that no man could say he was ‘slack’, slip-shod or incompetent. Hood threw up a giant smokescreen to shut the media down. About time they started to ask the right questions – there’d be a Walkley init fur sartain shure..

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“How did we get here? Given the age old sin of Adam as a given, I would say it is because we first became a culture of enabling. We found excuse after excuse to mollify behaviours, constantly absolving of fault, and turning everyone into an unappreciated or underappreciated special snow flake. We stroke self-esteem without exhorting towards the things that led to actual self-esteem. What a nasty little narcotic that turned out to be! Real life consequences were to be protected from and ignored lest accountability and responsibility were resurrected like some long dead monster to come and ravage our hollow hyper inflated egos.”

Let’s go dogs, grab the tool box; time’s up and we are under extreme pressure. Domestic Tyranny (DT) is making some dire threats, seems the list on the fridge door is long and overdue. Best crack on; TOM is dining with us this evening and peace in the house is always a good way to kick off a New year. (Think’s: If I can lure him here early with the promise of a new keg; maybe my time on the tools can be reduced, now, where’s that phone)….


P2 comment – The following is an excerpt video from the same Budget Estimates 23/05/12:

Ref: 1)



This was the infamous Senator Fawcett ‘closing the safety loop’ QON. – hmmm…I wonder what the Coroner will make of the Hooded Canary’s YMEN DFO accident cover-up final report?  Blush