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I have to wonder, after reading Mitch Bingeman’s article, what planet the ‘Institute of Public Affairs’ (IPA) originate from.  I noticed the local footy team at training the other day, the dogs like the ‘boys’ and ambled over to say G’day – as is their wont. Stood in the shade I spied the club’s ‘drone operation swing into action.  They checked the thing, gave a little test flight then sent it up to 50 maybe 60 feet to record the plays and performance – for later. The operators were, I must say very good; one ‘flying’ and one watching as the wee drone faithfully followed the play. Bully, thought I and well done; how could anyone possibly object to such an operation, the thing behaved impeccably. The operators never once let the thing out of the confines of the park, just got their job done – no fuss, no threat, no stupidity; just a useful tools being used responsibly and sensibly. These folk are NOT the problem, they are to be encouraged.

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The IPA want to go ‘open slather’ – they have visions of drone pizza and parcel delivery creating new fortunes and employment, which is a grand dream: totally and completely absurd, but nonetheless, their ‘vision’.  What; 40 drones to replace the one man local parcel delivery service? Can’t happen. Not without guarantee of ‘air-worthiness’, not without an insurance and compensation system which must be ‘complex’ by nature; not without some method of guaranteed separation when saturation levels are reached; not without some tough ‘privacy’ laws; not without fail safe systems back up; not without anti-theft security and; most certainly, not without some serious public liability regulation. I reiterate; what ducking planet do these fantasy merchants come from – idiots.

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Talking of drones; the latest from the king of drones on MH370 is difficult to swallow; mostly because it keeps wriggling around. The departments ‘responsible’ for the care and feeding of the miniscule must be breathing a sigh of relief and making votive offering to their gods of choice, giving thanks that ‘their’ manicured mouthpiece remembered all his lines and could always return to message; such is the brilliance of Chester. A ‘delight’ to work with, photogenic mouthpiece; mind you, some of the recent photo’s make the future minister for sport look a little ‘tail down’, coat not so shiny and the nose a tad dry.

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Oh dear; another day at the spa for our aging Lothario coming up – at public expense of course. FWIW – the latest nonsense on MH370 from the master of the TV makeup closet – HERE.

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The serious Statesmen who toil within various Senate committees are due to start work very soon. One of the ‘big-ticket’ items is the multi billion dollar One Sky program. The program being managed by ‘Air Services’ (ASA) demi-god Halfwit, catamite to his master ‘Whostoblame’. Between them, the audit team and the Senate they have backed the trough dwellers into a hellish tight corner. The ‘match-fit’ ASA crew will spin, dance and attempt to bluff their way out, but their untenable position is being undermined, aggravated further by the simple, natural progress of leading aviation nations to satellite based technology. Will there be some awkward questions for our hapless halfwit to bumble though? Bet the farm on it.

After some 30 odd years of whispering behind the throne and assisting in some of the most grandiose failures, leading from behind and generally keeping things ‘the way they are’ suddenly, we have ‘the Doc’ on video – twice. Why? We all wonder out loud. WTD is Aleck doing dragged into the spotlight and shoved on camera – not his style at all; passing strange. Well, there he is, for the world and it’s wife to see. Not that many could stomach watching the whole show; certainly no one who actually has any sort of dealings with ‘he-who-do-voodoo’.  In fact, many would cross the street to avoid, rather than shake the slippery hand which holds the throne.  Watch the video if you must, but only the brave or foolish will watch without a tin foil hat and large bucket.

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For all it’s been a quiet week, there is much to read and consider – if you’ve a mind to. But in essentials, nothing much has changed – there is a small victory in the AAT – which we most fervently hope signifies the end of the stranglehold CASA has had on that ‘boys club’. But then, we have been fooled before – many times and no one is holding their breath.

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The challenge for PAIN is to ensure that the Senate committee’s are as well advised as possible of the almost negative progress made toward reformation and the implementation of both Senate and ministerial directives to the essential services provided to the aviation industry. We may safely discount any strong ministerial input; it will be up to the Senate, supported by industry to put an end to the waste, the incompetence and the bastardry.

Aye, we all may dream a little; perhaps when the new DAS is installed – then, maybe matters aeronautical will improve. Then again – we may get DDDD_NFI’s advisor appointed to the role; now wouldn’t that be just dandy.

Toot toot.