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Half steam – thanks Minnie.

No one can be this purblind, condescending or cynical; not without help.  If this farce is a Skidmore brain fart, then the HR people who hired him need to be sued, or the senior mandarin who briefed them needs beating to death with Pink bats.  Whoever is advising the Skidmore-Twist child about survival in the real world needs some rectal readjustment.   Lets have a reality fix, an alignment with some form of grown up sanity:-

..”CASA Director of Aviation Safety Mark Skidmore and his executive managers will face the aviation community in a forum to discuss what challenges aviation safety faces over the next 15 years.” Couple of points in there:-

“[will] face the aviation community” etc. Not meet, not confer, not consult; but face as in face the music, of face down.  Either way guilt or combat implied.  Bollocks 1

..”[challenges] aviation safety faces over the next 15 years. Etc.  Not how we can move forward and progress.  Reality just how is industry expected to continue to stay viable, despite the challenges presented by CASA lunatic regulations.  But the real clanger is no mention of how CASA intends to implement the changes recommended by Forsyth; DEMANDED by industry, authorised by the DPM over the next 15 months, those totally ducking ignored by CASA, Skidmore and his advisors.  Bollocks 2.

…”[Skidmore] says the forum is necessary because of the ever-changing landscape of aviation safety”.  Wrong again, the same things that have always killed aircraft, still exist.  Regulation and paperwork help the ‘regulator’ avoid liability and abrogate responsibility.  Not one single, solitary thing CASA have presented in the past 20 years has had a tangible effect on, or improved safety. Quite the reverse in many instances, especially in operational matters.  Want to discuss those?: No, perhaps it because you have NFI what they are.  Someone tell these halfwits we are striving to mitigate risks, not shag the elusive, mythical dragon of ‘Safety”.  Bollocks 3.

..”[All] of us involved in Australian aviation face the challenges of change. Aviation is continually evolving in areas such as advances in technology, new approaches to safety or better ways of doing business,” he said.   Oh yes; this through ever more complex, hidebound rule sets I suppose.  Rules which now need to go through a parliamentary process to be changed; three and four tiers of ever more complicated, rigid regulation, which cannot ‘move with the times’. Like the 2300 + pages of law in Part 61 (MoS is law dopey).  Bollocks 4.

…”[None] of us can afford to sit back and accept that the way we do things today will necessarily be the way of the future. ”  Where has this fossil been hiding for the past 20 years, in a sheltered workshop, cocooned by luxury, adored by his fans and never having to shout a round.  Yes, comes the cry.  Then I recommend a strong dose of reality, one which will not be given because the industry is too ducking terrified to break wind lest the CASA goon squads turn up next audit and feed their entrails to Wodger for ‘attention’.  Bollocks 5.

..”[That] means we do need to look and think ahead about what is likely to change, what change will mean and how change can work for us.”  NO IT DOES NOT, ‘We’ need to start by repairing with the broken promises and damaged hopes.  Has this ‘knuckle’ got any idea how much work went into the Senate inquiry into Pel-Air, how much effort was lavished on Forsyth, how much bastardry was used on Airtex, Barrier, Polar etc.  Fix that you (deleted).  Bollocks 6.

Aye well, no matter, wonder boy is going to fix her up, in three hours in Mildura of all places. Perhaps it’ll be foggy and he can have a captive audience from the surviving 737’s to fill out the original audience of four , (two pilots, the re-fueller and the office cat) before swanning off for an executive lunch, high fives all round and feeling of job well done.  Bollocks 7.

I can’t bring myself to delve into the dot points; not fair on the key board, which has survived yet another thumping.

Has this bloody fool any notion of what he has to face down.  Not the upfront, happy, clappy, meet, greet and get him out of the joint type; but the tea room reality type, the board room despair type, the Chief pilot frustration type, the Check pilot liability type, the dark determined type; or even the those who detest vermin type.  Nope, none of that; not for this DAS.  Now famous as one who couldn’t hit the side of the barn, with a shovel full of horse-pooh with the wind behind it.  Someone, anyone, for pities sake tell him there’s real work to be done and stop buggering about with feel good road shows, tent revivals and tambourines.  FFS I can now even understand old Terry’s impulse to belt him one; and to understand anything that Terry did, is, of it ‘self, remarkable.

One of them has to go, either him who approves this condescending crap or whoever writes it. Seven counts of Bollocks more than qualifies for ‘the’ caption.

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