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Candy from babies.

Quote:…TB “Pretty much as you imagined and I left the meeting very depressed.”

Ayup, it was ever going to be so.  The young blood is far too smart to turn up, especially the professional young, who have, for the last five years watched as the ‘seniors’ come back from meetings with CASA absolutely furious, frustrated and denouncing not only CASA crew as complete morons, the system as completely ducked but concerned about their ability to keep everyone and everything compliant.  The fear of being Wodgered grows each day, the stories spread and who would blame the young fellahin for staying as far away from anything to do with CASA as possible, hiding behind the Seniors’ and flatly refusing to have anything to do with an outfit like AOPA which has lost as much credibility as CASA.  I’m a little surprised, you were surprised.

Quote:…TB  “Skidmore I’m afraid left me less than impressed.”

Ah, Oliver Skidmore-Twist, centre stage; you know he’s probably not a bad sort of fellah; he’s just clueless.  The thing that concerns is – he shows no sign of getting a clue.  Take 61 for an example, he knows we are stuck with it – for the while – there is nothing in place which can quickly and easily be used to replace it; but industry know that.  He keeps banging on about assistance from CASA instead of outlining a plan to bring 61 into the realms of reality. This is just plain dumb – industry want to know how he intends to fix it, how long must we wait for the fix and will there be ‘latitude’ and exemption from the likes of Wodger using it as another weapon in the arsenal to inflict more carnage on those who dare to object to lunacy of the FOI. For another dollar – Skidmore will drag those mumbling, stumbling halfwits – Cross, Tick and Wait along and present them as ‘the 61 experts’.  Mistake, watch the estimates tapes and see for yourself, the performance is not inspiring.  Someone tell Oliver – you have no experts.

Quote:…TB – “He calls for consultation, complains he’s had very few submissions from industry, but fails to acknowledge the submission fatigue that inflicts the industry nor industry reluctance to publicly vent dissent because of bitter experience of his predecessors predilection to send in the attack dogs.”

That sir, is a nutshell job of Tim Tam quality.  Sadly, once again Oliver is not only shown to be clueless, illustrates he is taking advice from the wrong people and that he has not understood any of the submissions to, or even the report the Rev Forsyth presented.  It also reflects an ability to live in faery land.  Anyone who has studied the Pel-Air ditching can see, very clearly, the sick beast wee Oliver inherited.  Yet he has done SFA to address that, or sort out the internal mess.  All he does is bleat, bleat, bloody bleat for ‘assistance’.  He expects industry to spend even more  time (and do real paying work, compliantly), whilst voluntarily educating him to do his blasted job properly; how to tie his boot laces, and cross the road, etc.  FCOL if he can’t do the bloody job, fire him; and get someone in who can, simple as that.  As I said, a clueless lamb, lost, cold, wet and bleating for it’s Mummy.

There are a couple of good shepherds out on the hills; Jeff Boyd being one of them.  If Oliver had even half a clue he’d chain Jeff to his wrist and never leave home without him, for if our CEO (DAS is such a strop) is to extricate himself from the mire it will be the advice of the board and industry which will save him.  Relying on the minuscule, the department or the remnants of the GWM to save his sorry arse, is just wishful, childlike thinking.

Anyway Thorny, glad you had enough hope to attend the Casamites tea party, and sad that you came away disappointed.  But it was a CASA and AOPA love in, dissenters and debaters not really welcome.  If he’d have lobbed a rock through the warrens window, he’d have gotten a cheer; as it stands, its’ a downhill run to the knackers yard.

Aye, it’s all arse about – Boyd for CEO and Oliver to the board would make better sense, but then so would changing the Act and aligning with the NZ rule set – this year, not at some hazy time in future.  But I agree, there are more practical things wee Oliver could be doing, other than buggering about hosting ‘roadshows’.

Place your bets.   Dollar to a pound of kangaroo pooh – next time gaining move will be “ I have reformed the ICC, you can with confidence address your complaints to that department”. Bollocks, what and wait two years for the inevitable Duck Off letter, after wasting time and effort to redraft the whole thing, again.  Faery land stuff and nonsense.

Free advice, IF you want to restore faith and trust – roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, today.  Man up; and stop hiding behind some ICC skirt, or GWM panel, or hand picked ‘working group’.  Step up to the, better yet, draw the line and then confront the daemons.

Oh, Oliver could also learn to count; all the pages, not just the ones he is ‘expertly’ informed exist – but all of ‘em.  He may yet just owe an apology…. 😳  …