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First from the miniscule’s thread:

4G McDo’Naut and the black kettle, pot??

Speaking of abuse, keyboards and shaming useless, self-serving, NFI Nat miniscules – that are all seemingly completely infected with “acquired institutionalised ostrichitis syndrome” (AIOS) on matters aviation – it would appear that miniscule 4G McDo’Naut, in an apparent attempt to water the accusations of duplicity of the MKIII Coalition Govt, has taken to his very own keyboard abuse… Rolleyes 

Via Farm Online… Wink :

McCormack: We can manage foreign aid and drought relief
25 Aug 2018, 5:20 p.m.

[Image: 300?cb=20131129143959]

Baa, baa Wagga sheep, have you any brains-

Yes Sir, yes Sir, three thimbles full;

Two for re-election, half for my claims:

And a half one for aviation- a’goin down the drain.

[Image: f9db9348a5f01f335b05f80107ba1022-e1533084739642.jpg]
 Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Nationals, Michael McCormack.


More ‘G’s?  Absolutely.

Next from the Senate Estimates thread:

“Once more unto the breach../

Also via the AOPA Oz Facebook page… Wink


The AOPA Australia along with fellow representatives of the AMROBA, SAAA, GFA and AGAA presented to the RRAT Senate Committee on the decline of Australia’s general aviation industry.
During the meeting we discussed;

1. Change to the Civil Aviation Act
2. Self-Certification Private Drivers License Medicals for GA
3. Independent Flight Instructors for GA
4. Adoption of US FAA regulations for GA flight operations

In attendance was;

– Ms Aminta Hennessy – AOPA Australia President
– Mr Marc De Stoop – AOPA Australia Vice President
– Mr Benjamin Morgan – AOPA Australia Executive Director
– Mr Dominic James – AOPA Australia Director
– Mr Ken Cannane – AMROBA Executive Director
– Mr Lawrence Paratz – Australian General Aviation Alliance
– Mr Peter Cesco – GFA President

Join today:

AOPA Australia | Your Freedom to Fly

[Image: 40172955_1358538340943754_37402617771164...e=5BF8E9A3]
[Image: 40161739_1358538354277086_47163623600700...e=5BF60A7C]


Many thanks to Labor’s Senator Sterle for his time today at the Senate Estimates Committee hearing. The meeting was a great opportunity and we appreciated the Senator’s time.

We are looking forward to spending more time with the Senator in the coming weeks.

Join today:
AOPA Australia | Your Freedom to Fly

[Image: 40223503_1358549214276000_24224921219497...e=5BF3C5C1]

( NB. First hand accounts on how it all went are very positive. Apparently there was a Hansard record which I will endeavour to obtain?)

Now from “K” on the Alphabets thread:

From the sheep’s arse to your ears.

It is probably only a wind driven rumour, but it’s vile, even if only half true. I shall paraphrase what was whispered to me, for there are big ears with long knives waiting to pounce on those who dare tell the truth. 

“CASA want to kiss and make up with AOPA”. 

There is no way Morgan and his AOPA crew can take their foot of the gas pedal now, to do so would be a serious mistake. Until there are some ‘deep and meaningful’ changes made and tangible proof that those changes are real, there can be no armistice. And anyway, there is too much momentum to the reform movement for anyone to resile from their position, not with any credibility at least.

There are so many small things which could be done to promote peace and goodwill, these would show a willingness, without a CASA loss of face, to accept the demands of industry. Proof positive of reform and good sense. 

Here is a reminder from Carmody’s thread and the  CASA embuggerance manual:

CASA ‘Just Culture’ message goes global

Re-read the MRO network article once again, then consider; 1) that Carmody by inference still supports the former DAS McCormick’s black letter edict, merely by not instructing a re-write/amendment of the current version of the CASA Enforcement Manual, a version that still contains the original recalcitrant McCormick moniker in the preface (ref link: #64 )

[Image: Foreword-1-EM-Jan-2016.jpg]

 2) Then consider the 8+year ongoing embuggerance of Dominic James, that with recent discovered factual evidence;

  •  highlights a possibly illegal but definitely ill-informed and inept original Greg Hood decision;
  •  that was then varied administratively multiple times, including variations that on the face of it seemingly breached the terms of a, AAT oversighted, Coordinated Enforcement Process agreement between CASA and DJ; (ref from here – The 0904 from Auckland. 

Then, to top that off, reflect on the previous post from Sandy – “Good morning Dominic”, – plus P9 and my confab post – Comedy degenerates into Farce. – ably supported by Senate Estimates Hansard & Youtube viewing: &

And more recently:

While the wingnut is away? – Deputy dog adds fuel to the conflagration

Hmm…wonder if he has got McComic’s mobile number on speed dial? Certainly has many of the pugmarks of former DAS don’t you think? How long will it be before this IR stooge starts swinging his dick and dragging up section 9A of the Act… Dodgy 

Perhaps this is why the FF enforcement manual still contains McComic’s moniker on the Director’s preface –

Finally for today from the SBG thread:

Timeline of Australian aviation safety regulatory embuggerance – 1988 till ????
…Just think for a moment if the Parliament had of embraced; or tried to understand the ‘safety’ message behind the Fawcett speech maybe (just maybe –  Huh ) the potential for the YMEN DFO accident may have been diminished through an identified safety risk which could have been subsequently safety risk mitigated under the Australian (M&M written) ICAO Annex 19 SSP – just saying… Dodgy    
Next we go back 5 years, to which I will use an Aunty Pru archived reference – Vol IV Pprune Senate Inquiry thread – from the original extremely popular and inexplicably closed PPRUNE Senate Inquiry thread…

Relevant extract from page 91… Wink :


The ICAO Audit Report available at the link in post #1456 is astonishing.

If that is the report to which Mr McCormick was referring when he said the major issue wasthat CASA did not have sufficient training in place for the inspectorate, I wonder whether he’s actually read all 98 pages.

I’ve merely skimmed the report, but a few of the Findings struck me as particularly ironic, in the context of the Pel Air accident.

Audit Finding OPS/03:

The Australian regulations do not require air operators certificate (AOC) holders and applicants to ensure that, in the event that an aeroplane becomes involved in an accident or incident, all related flight recorder records and associated flight recorders are preserved to the extent possible and are retained in safe custody pending their disposition as determined in accordance with ICAO Annex 13. …

Australia agrees with this finding.

This issue is being addressed in the development of CASR Part 91. …

Develop and promulgate CASR Part 91. … By 31 December 2009. …

MTF…P2  🙄