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First an update to the ‘Dear Lachie’ saga:

Lachie (finally) comes through – nearly?   

Finally Lachie has come through with his promise for the Dept to provide a copy of the 2017 ICAO audit report – see:…t_full.pdf

However it would appear the report is still yet to receive a proper CAP (…02017..pdf ) for the State to address the identified deficiencies:...

& on the same theme this on the Airports thread:

Do ICAO/FAA smell a rat on Oz airport safety?


Next from the Alphabets thread:

CAO 48.1 update: Fatigue wars are back on –  Confused

And from P7 on the Avmed thread:

The most boring post – ever.

Mostly, when folks start banging on, and on, and on about ‘their’ medical matters; I switch off after a polite listening period – seriously, it gets tedious. However, I am determined to try and get a message out to my ‘comrades in exile’ as it were. 

It is nearly a 12 month now since my adventure with the big zipper. Happily, my medical is restored and life can go back to normal. But I need not have been on an enforced holiday.

“Surgery or a coffin” were the two options my good friend and eminent cardiologist offered. “Christ man” says I – “I’ve hardly had a sick day (out of the ordinary) in my life, no chest pains, nothing; fit as the butchers dog”. Two days before that pronouncement, I’d been humping 3.6 meter long 4×2’s up three stories to a roof on a mates place and then pitched his new roof; weary at the end of an eight hours stint of hard graft, but good to go next day…

And from the recently active MH370 forum:

The Frog’s have gone all ‘rogatory’ on MH370 –  :-/ #678
Now this could get interesting?? After the release of the ‘bollocks’ Malaysian led JIT Annex 13 final report, the French GTA have decided to reopen their criminal investigation into MH370… Confused
Via Le Parisien:

France relaunches investigation into MH 370
> Miscellaneous facts | Jean-Marc Ducos | August 05, 2018, 18h11 | Update: August 07, 2018, 8:45 am 

If debris from the plane failed, in July 2015, on the island of Reunion, the plane was never found. His crash remains a mystery. Sipa / China News

All countries concerned by the disappearance of the Malaysian aircraft in 2014 with 239 people aboard have given up. In France, the gendarmerie of air transport continues its investigations.

Finally from the Accidents OS thread: #174

More on stolen Horizon Q400 –  Confused

From Seattle Times, via the Oz:

Seattle plane thief was ‘suicidal’
[Image: e0ab210d36ca633663091db28a5a9635]
Investigators are piecing together how an airline ground agent stole an empty plane from Seattle’s international airport.

MTF…P2  😉