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Lock up your daughters, hide your gold.

Beware world – the ex director and author of the great Australian aviation tragedy McComic  is vying for a seat at ICAO.  First Australia, then world domination by a man who created the infamous Cathay Pacific 49′ ers saga, engineered the great Pel-Air duck up, compromised the industry complaints commissioner, emasculated the Australian aviation industry and is under investigation for breaches of the sacred Transport Safety Act (TSI) and other ‘matters’, such as lying through his teeth, under oath to Parliament.

Steve Creedy – “AUSTRALIA’S licensed aircraft maintenance engineers (LAME) lobbying hard in Canberra to reverse rule changes they say are illegal and unsafe have been backed in an opinion by high-profile lawyer Bret Walker.”

Now, of all the stultifying, mind numbing, self immolating things anyone can do, reading the aviation regulations of your own country ranks up there with cooking shows; but to read those of another country ranks number one in the self harm games.  But; if there are people out there in Tweep land who can bear to delve into the mysterious world of Australian aviation regulation, they will get quite a shock.  Here is a primer:-

The USA and NZ manage to deal with pilot licensing (Part 61) in about 60 pages of sane, practical regulation written in language as close to plain English as it is possible to get.  Australian part 61 boasts some 1600 pages to cover the same topic, this supported by a ‘Manual of Standards’ (MOS) of similar, titanic proportions; these manuals are based in the most confused, tortured legalese possible, filled with blood curdling threats of criminal prosecution and all offences are strict liability.  Strict liability places a reverse onus, the burden of proving oneself innocent, firmly on the head of the accused.  But wait, there’s more; the rule set is totally bloody useless, unworkable and has horse and cart sized holes in the very fabric.

The same philosophy is applicable to all the CASA regulations which revel in criminal prosecution and sheer volume.  The heartbreak is from a battered industry which has tried to rein in the behemoth of the McComic era rule makers and thus far, not only failed to do so, but has become terrified of it’s own shadow, under the repressive autocracy of McComic and his happy band of catamites.

Think hard Dear World, very hard for if the McComic era lands and takes root in Montreal, not even your daughters gold fillings will be saved in the rapine and pillage of a McComic inspired ICAO slaughterhouse.



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