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Unless you have just strolled onto an airport for the first time, or been in a space capsule on Mars for three decades, it is possible that the latest ‘blurb’ from Carmody will cheer you. However, if you are an active aviation participant, you have to either smile and find a bucket – or take a taxi to the gap.

I wonder which planet Carmody has been on. Seriously – has he read the draft report on the shameful Pel-Air event – he should, before the world gets to see it.  Then I wonder how he has the brass neck to tout the latest ‘satisfaction survey’ as an example of how CASA is now, suddenly, wonderful. “What survey?” you ask – well, the one that fails to mention some of the major CASA inflicted headaches; like, no change to the McConvict signed ‘open slather’ rider to the ‘Embuggerance Manual’; Part 61 costs and associated stupidity, Part 135 cock-up; CAO 48.1 and the excesses that invokes; the lack of any real acceptance of the Forsyth report; SID’s; or, even the control cable lunacy; litmus tests all. But not mentioned in the ‘survey’ which is fluffed around the edges with inane, carefully selected questions and answers  – CASA – “Do you believe all CASA officers should wear matching jocks and socks?” – all deep, probing, self appraisal questions with predictable answers – not. Now Carmody wants us to believe CASA is a ‘honest’ hard working, conscientious, caring agency, with only our best interests at heart. Failed – Lietous test.

Following the ‘survey we get the ‘blurb’. I wonder where he gets the neck to publish it – after having managed to infuriate the RRAT Estimates committee and piss on industry in record time. The ministerial glove puppet then goes on to produce one of the biggest loads of open ended  ‘rhetoric’ yet recorded.  All the unmitigated Bollocks this pathetic individual we have for a minister would sell to the local CWA; although, I doubt the CWA is that naive.

“[and] I’m amazed how Australian aviation has evolved compared to 2009 when I was last at CASA.”

Yup, me too. ‘cept there’s a mistake the editor omitted; I shall correct it (save the him the bother).

“[and] I’m amazed how Australian aviation has devolved compared to 2009 when I was last at CASA.”

When Carmody was last at CASA there was a busy, thriving industry, which under Byron was actually starting to rub along with CASA; but that was many years and aberrations ago.

“My vision is for CASA to be an open and transparent regulator, “ etc.

Watch how ‘transparent it gets when we compare the ‘draft’ Pel-Air to  the ‘final’ published version. (Yes Greg, you leak). The shutters will  slam down, the drawbridge raised and locked, while the smoke and mirrors machine crew go on overtime.  Failed – Lietous test.

“[one] the aviation industry finds it easy to do business with”. Etc.

There are a few operators who could tell Carmody just how difficult, tedious, expensive, frustrating it actually is; before they got onto the ‘good stuff’ related to just how devious, deceitful, venal, incompetent and lazy some those industry is forced to do business with (no option) really are. But Carmody won’t hear a bar of that song – history, in his purview, is best ignored.  Failed – Lietous test.

“My conclusion after eight months as acting director of aviation safety is that achieving this goal is more a matter of reforming CASA’s systems than its people.”

There stands as clear an indication that those who have, for the last decade, inflicted more damage and created more anger, lied, cheated, stolen, milked, bilked and prostituted the powers granted will be allowed to continue in the same manner. CASA system is hidebound, cumbersome and could do with a reform package and upgrade; but while the same evil is allowed to continue, unchallenged and unpunished; there is nothing but more of the same on the horizon. The only change will be that from now on, it will be better hidden by a ‘professional’ bureaucratic mantle of denial.  Failed – Lietous test.

“I’m impressed by the dedication and expertise of CASA’s staff, their commitment to fairness, and where appropriate, firmness in overseeing aviation safety.”

Well, at least there’s one person who is. What a pity he’s the their boss. Failed – Lietous test.

And so begins; the reign of Shameless O’ Carmody; off to a stellar start with some Senators calling ‘no confidence’ and none disagreeing with the call. I can’t be bothered taking the rest of this fatuous, fluffy statement apart; and anyway, the Hansard video of the last Estimates depicts the man, his attitude, arrogance and ambivalence toward a panel of Senators who actually have access to the real facts and circumstances.  Time has beaten me – again, but I shall save up for Sunday – perhaps we should examine in depth just why Carmody has already ‘screwed the pooch’ where it matters – in the Senate. MTF? Probably, once I get past the ‘retching for the bucket’ stage.

May your litmus paper always be in the red.

Toot  toot.