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P1 – Opinion.  Started off peacefully enough – HERE – one of the crew found a very good aviation related website and copied a well drafted opinion piece on the Pel-Air ditching.  PAIN has been patiently waiting for the new CASA CEO to give a sign that reformation of the CASA has begun.  One of the most damaging episodes in the history of CASA industry relations is the Pel-Air event.  To the man at the back of the room, this would seem to be an obvious place to start, for whatever credibility CASA had before the Pel-Air event was destroyed afterwards.  That credibility to this day, remains in shattered fragments, ignored, despite some serious, powerful recommendations to repair the mess, restore credibility and restructure the department.  Needless to say, this has not, nor is it likely to happen.

Ugh – Pooh!

Aside  – “Is there dog pooh on the DAS boots?”  “Dunno, but something stinks to high heaven.”

Quote:P7 – “Shameful?– betch’a boots it is.   Anything done about it? –  Silly bloody question.”
The whole Pel-Air shambles was at the time a disgraceful stain on the aviation ‘agencies’, so it remains today.  Hiding under the carpet, pretending it never happened and allowing time to erase the memory is a shame on the Minister and his minions, an insult to both Senate and industry and a FU message from the iron ring to the Rev. Forsyth.

One of the things that is truly disgusting and worse is the performance of the manager in charge of the Pel-Air audit, yet neither internally or publicly has this been investigated.  This is a basically unqualified, high salary earner with almost untrammelled power who can, with impunity do exactly as pleases and get away with it.  Proof? – read Hansard.

The lack of any remedial action from the DAS (IMO) reflects the true nature of the ‘Skidmore’ reform process.  The very event that created an inquiry, scathing criticism, serious recommendations, a ministerial report and much anger has not even been mentioned; let alone remedied. How are we to have any faith in anything Oliver-Skidmore-Twist says, when he does SFA about a clearly defined abomination, with empirical evidence?  WTF – A honest man would have fixed it first job and won some credibility.  This absence of ‘action’ reflects the Skidmore era; spin, bull and one way glasses.

Hell, the entire debacle sits in the Skidmore office like a pile of stinking, rotting garbage, lived with, accepted as being part of the scenery.  How does this DAS who appears evermore incompetent, change resistant and captive to the ‘system’ expect ‘industry’ to believe that reform of the regulator is happening when the likes of Wodger, his works and catamites are unchallenged and remain employed?  It begs the question – is this tacit Skidmore approval for more of the same behaviour from CASA officers?

If Skidmore had one ounce of integrity, even the slightest intention of ‘healing’ the rift; or, could give a monkey’s about restoring industry confidence; he would holistically examine the entire CASA involvement with the Pel-Air debacle.  Publicly and openly investigate, make the required changes and make a statement promising that this type of behavior will not happen again – never again.  Not on his watch.  Make it a statement of intent.

Fire Wodger or resign; preferably both.  There, is that simple enough. Anything else is window dressing, hot air and duplicitous, disgraceful behaviour, accurately reflecting the true character of He who Wannabe DAS.

Declare it wabbit hunting season before the IOS start to do the investigating, in public, no frills, no pulled punches, no quarter given.  Will the mud stick? – Oh yes; absolutely.