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Indeed P2; there is IMO far too much waffle and tomes of argument.  Too many options, too much wriggle room, too may words and far too many ready to twist and abuse ‘good intentions’ into obscene parodies.

Take the Rev. Forsyth’s ASSR; then read the despicable Hawke.  Two, perhaps three recommendations met; a dozen – work in progress – the rest Shelf-ware.   Sly-more barking up every wrong tree in the wood, dreaming of 2030 and having wet dreams about seducing industry into wearing uniforms and saluting his idiotic troops.  Then there’s the Board rendered nugatory, undermined by the status quo and resisted at every turn.

Turnbull only needs to understand three cogent facts:-

Proven – ASA, ATSB and CASA are moribund, morally deficient, operationally corrupt, expensive and useless.

Proven – Regional and General aviation are imploding, which means loss of revenue, jobs, skills and services.

Proven – Truss has done the absolute minimum; he betrayed industry in 2008 and is selling it down the Swanny now.

It’s all simple enough to understand.  Turnbull would not, not for a moment, tolerate such aberrations within a business he owned.  Australia is a business, aviation a division which should be earning it’s keep; it is not.  Fixing the big problems is why we pay executives – Turnbull is an executive.  I believe he is politically astute enough to realise that aviation is a weakness in the Nationals armour and an issue which could – conceivably – affect some of the marginal seats which he will need to retain power.

There now – still less than one page.  Let’s hope he kicks the Truss arse in the right direction – or, better yet, fires the dodgy old sod and brings Fawcett in to bat. (Oh, be still my beating heart).

Turnbull has the tools at hand to go into legend as the man who saved an industry; lots of votes in that.

Toot toot.