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Morning all.  Apologies for being absent. A little busy and processing all that has been.
Yes, I believe that PTSD is extremely important to be recognise as a Scientifically proven Disorder which is can most definitely impede significantly on a Persons Life. With or without bodily injury. I live it.   How Dare they argue this.
Mrs BC may not have had a bodily injury, but most certainly had PTSD. I saw the fierce cold, dark ocean, smashing it’s unforgiving waves, almost drowning her as this beautiful lady was strapped helpless in the stretcher until others, Doc & myself could release her. Then in the ocean. So very tragic.
The exacerbation of this investigation through pure incompetency has to be earnestly questioned. It really is torture for all in that was in that Aircraft.
PTSD has been proven many times, via the study of neuro plasticity that there are changes in the brain (yes, it is a part of the body…FYI Law) and triggers are everywhere.
Think about it.
To not be recognised after such a horrific event is not only insulting, but reliant on a Law from 1929/44/99, which reworded, stills says the same. Absolute disgrace.
Then, very sneakily, without informing the Flying Public, our GovMutts change our own Domestic Law in 2013 to uphold the MC99. Not surprising given the knowledge I now have regarding not only this issue (and there are many), but how the “fly under the radar” BeRightBacks behave. Not in our Constitution to behave in such a manner at all. Shame on you all.
We employ them. They work for us, supposedly. This is clearly not the case regarding matters of Aviation Safety, Laws, Regulations and Investigation Competency.
Although my Personal matter has had an outcome, which I believe will bring 21st century needed change, the Australian Aviation Industry is in dire straights. The riddles of the tortuous words can change when needing to render a situation. Institutionalised minds do not consult with their industry, which they are meant to protect and support.
Power and Egos combined, recipe for dangerous decisions. So this is how “they” play.
Question. If any of the people survived the MH370, Air Asia and the other tragic crashes recently, do you think for a moment that would not traumatise their brain/minds?
Just because we were in a small jet makes no difference. It was horrific.  P/A, CASA, ATSB and every other bastard that has attempted to smother this can do their best to, but I will voice, loud, with scientific proof. Dickheads. Honestly!
Thank you every individual, the 4C team, Ben (legend with passion for truth) Aunty Pru for the freedom to bring these issues to the light.
Very dark forces will be conquered by the light shed. It will. Believe and unite. Do not just say but do, that is when change happens.
I am not walking away from this when my matter is over.  I have been gagged for too long. My personal life is on display (no person knew this was to happen) and I have had a hard time with this. But, I understand how important it is to fight for what is right, and if this means exposure.
Accepted.  When one loses their career and is injured but told, “oh we know she has PTSD, but the Law says she does not”, you fight for Justice and your Rights as a human citizen of this country to drag the Montreal Convention 99 to light. I stand firm that no-body need endure such a fight again.
If Operators, Insurance Companies and their shareholders deep pockets focused on safety rather than profit, maybe the Av World would not be so Covertly Corrupt.  Safety before Profit, not Learning and Arse covering from our own has demised an industry that should be flourishing in our large Land.
I won’t stop and I can see through the crap that has been told.
Thank you so much everyone. Your support and kind words have helped me many times. Also, I can vent here, freely.
I will continue to do so.
I will expose the wrong-doings of them all.
I have a loud voice and this is NOT over.
Power to the people. A force that CAN make change. Stand up for your rights.
Ziggy.  XX  :xx