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So in the stinking thinking of the almighty Insurers of P/A, I’m quite sure, with all the surveying etc, they did not think I would make it this far.

Well yesterday, I was there and I can say a very satisfactory result was finalised.
They thought I would fold with dismal offers, intimidation and just plain giving up.
With support from The Av Community, I learned to be tough. Thank you.
My family and Law team stuck by me through thick and think and believed in what I was saying to be true.
Nearing six years, well, hard bloody work to live through the shackles on my hands and feet, especially when your inner self knows the truths.

I am not one bit disappointed in the final outcome. As all would understand, I can not speak of the financial amount, but, they would not be happy.

Suffer as I have with physical loss and pain
It’s called the Karmic Wheel.
Suffer now with your monetary loss ordered to pay.

Time for the re-investigate with the ATSB.
I will not roll over like a Dog and bow to their twisted views of truth, learning, safety and most importantly, Accountability.

No sir!

Thanks heaps to all for years of support.
Talk soon.
Nah…I’ll roar soon

Ziggy  Heart