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A Sunday ramble.
There exists a research project which has been knocking about the PAIN archives for a long while now; it’s almost complete, just waiting for the anniversary of the Skidmore appointment to round it off.  Although, until a ‘platform’ can be found, such as a Royal Commission or a full blooded inquiry into why Australian aviation is in such a sorry state, it is likely to remain under wraps, added to until an opportunity presents.

One of the more intriguing threads running through the report is the part played by Johnathon Aleck.  During a long tenure with CASA the ‘Doc’ has survived many pogroms and ‘tidy up’ runs, shifting effortlessly into the background when the spotlight is on, steering the likes of McComic through the pit-falls, guiding, cajoling and whispering advice.  It’s even said he has even managed to wrangle some unchallenged, alleged to be ‘unconstitutional’ legislation into the Act.  The story goes that this is admitted, but the cost of mounting a challenge is astronomical, the chances of winning slim and the likelihood of a challenge being so remote that the legislation will stand until the Act is repealed.

There are many legends surrounding this shadowy, mysterious figure; claimed by some to be the master puppeteer, this evidenced in the lacklustre, carefully scripted Skidmore performance.

We are faced with a dilemma; Truss is publicly demanding that the Forsyth reforms be instituted, industry is patiently waiting for those proposed reforms to become reality; the board seem to working very hard and well toward reform; and, the ‘alphabet’ groups are nearly all singing from the same page: so why the delay.  Who should we believe?  The stark tangible evidence of zero real change; or the minister?  Clearly, someone has the brakes on – but who?

The constants throughout the past two decades along the road to perdition have been Mike Mrdak and J Aleck.  So, one is left to wonder where the true power to bring in the changes lays, clearly not with the minister, obviously not with Skidmore.  Some how, the ‘troops’ know this, for little has improved within any of the three essential services to industry, provided by government, paid for by the public.

Careful research and tracking through many events invariably finds both men involved; always in control, one way or another.  It leads to the notion that the iron ring is attached to the solid bulwark of the real power and influence behind the thrones. And begs the question – just who really runs the puppet show?  No brainer in my opinion, proving it; aye well, that’s the challenge ain’t it.  Will Truss meet it? – another no brainer.

End Sunday ramble.    Lured away by a fresh spring morning, the smell of fresh coffee and blueberry muffins cooling.