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Is that drums or thunder Tonto? via Forum

Ever since the first cave dweller put graffiti on the walls, mankind has had a fascination with the written word and graphics. The great libraries and galleries of the past and present world have collected and preserved these treasures for the benefit of the generations which had access and interest. In the course of a life a person may read many things, covering a vast range of topics, depending on taste and requirement. Working for AP, P2 and I have a great deal of ‘stuff’ to wade through; much may be skimmed through, some requires a little more effort, some is ‘of interest’ and some is of the kind that makes you reach for the bucket before the shotgun. The dreaded words – “have you seen this?”  For example:-

“Airport privatisation has a great deal to teach us.” Extracted from an article in ‘The Australian’. My answer was No; so I sat and read the blessed thing, it was a bucket grabber.

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Apart from a government grabbing a big lump of money, a couple of corporations making squillions and parking those funds ‘off shore’ and a few developers building stuff on runways – no one at all has benefitted from the privatisation of our airport infrastructure. But, many have suffered and still do from the effects of this ‘privatisation. In Sydney (Australia) there exists, as a shadow of it’s former self what is known as a Secondary airport, to wit, Bankstown. The forum thread on airports has scratched the surface, but cannot tackle the huge amount of ‘evidence’ which categorically damns privatisation and development, so I will leave that aside, in the hope that one day the grown ups will take the time to examine, carefully and thoroughly what privatisation really means; not only to the industry, but to the long suffering, fare paying public. For those who like information ‘in a nutshell’ consider this: you can wait three years and counting for your hanger lease after paying the fees; you can find yourself on very thin ice with no surety of tenure or protection from an unsolicited month to month arrangement, despite wanting to and desperately trying to finalise the lease deal. To myself and many others the Bankstown saga may be boiled down to one document – Parking – your aircraft on their aerodrome; read it weep, reach for the bucket, then howl for a lawyer – you’ll need one…..

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Bankstown Airport 202?

“There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth.”

Even Halfwit is trying to justify the ASA ‘service’ and the ‘Accelerate’ program; hinting that fees for ‘service’ will remain static for the next while and dangling the carrot of future low fees, for selected clients.

Bollocks – at even half the current rate industry is being ripped off – but what can you do? We are relying, heavily, once again on the few good men of the Senate RRAT committee to take the lid off the can of worms into which ASA has degenerated. Good luck with that one fellahs

There is one little ray of bright sunshine this week – shining through Sam, the ICAO man, to whom we must, affectionately, refer to as ‘Excellency’. Aunty Pru has put the brakes on a tale we have been crafting, so patience is required, for the answers to some fairly serious questions are not yet to hand.

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All to do with ATSB, Pel-Air, ICAO and what appears – on the surface – to be some very dodgy doings. Too early to roll the story out just yet; however, I must say there have been some sensitive nerves hit and some interesting conversations held. What say you Ziggy?

This of course takes straight back to the Pel-Air scandal and the ‘mysteries’ surrounding. There is even a whisper floating about that maybe the AFP (Federal Police) are taking a close interest in the machinations of both ATSB and CASA during and after the event; let’s hope they keep digging.

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The release to the world of the rewritten report on the ditching incident has it’s very own slot on my tote board for the date when those who have not already read it may do so; short odds favourite is ‘More Time’ the smart money is betting on the DIP’s requesting and requiring more time to examine the missive as part of the howls of protest. ‘Nuff said.

Aye: been an interesting week, not much action on the surface, but occasionally on the breeze, you catch the faint sounds of whetstones being used to sharpen pitch forks, tar being warmed, feathers being collected and rumble of distant thunder over the ministerial mansion.

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Speaking of matters ministerial I almost had a pang of sympathy for him; I did, Wednesday last. Never have I seen anyone so neatly placed into the position his advice has landed him – he’s as close as toucher to being damned if he do; damned if he don’t, and never, ever, had a damned clue of where he was being led. As stated – almost a pang.

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”

Its early yet; I may stroll down the dock with a fresh coffee and watch the day dawn, clear and bright; you can easily understand why so many ancients worshipped the sun as the chill of the predawn slowly creeps away as the warmth gains it’s hold. Enough, the coffee pot is playing my song; I shall stir these lazy, slothful brutes from dreams of chasing rabbits and large juicy bones, they may keep me company – what more could a simple man ask for?

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