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“Wiki – “The paradox arises because it rests on two incompatible premises: that there can exist simultaneously such things as irresistible forces and immovable objects. The “paradox” is flawed because if there exists an irresistible force, it follows logically that there cannot be any such thing as an immovable object and vice versa”.

Despite the paradox – we need to move an immovable object. Difficult task; but, move it we must.

The latest, expensive, touchy-feely, vomitus ‘report’ –  (HERE) – produced at CASA’s behest, on the industry credit card is an expense we could well have been spared. It is not only insulting to the Rev. Forsyth and his ‘expert’, independent team; but assumes the industry is as green as it is cabbage looking. The CASA response to the report – classic, copy-book stuff; more time, more money, more shuffling, more window dressing, Oh, and new ‘statement’ neckwear for the top deck.  This, all to support the deceit in a text book bureaucratic smoke and mirrors charade.

For real results, you need real questions, with real answers, from real people who have suffered through a close encounter with CASA.  I could (no bull) right now; post a link, to a PAIN file with just a tick over 100, serious, legitimate complaints against CASA. The questions cover the gamut from operational, through to administrative, on to enforcement, on to corporate and into the personal animosity jungle.  Many questions raise the ‘legality’ of the CASA actions.  All question motive and integrity.  Every single question may be related, in one way or another, to the actions of CASA ‘management’ or to individuals operating for that management.  Many questions relate to how ‘management’ present ‘evidence’ to the next level up ‘decision makers’.

That file is just from one company.  Correct, I did state one.  PAIN hold several such files within the archives, CASA is not the only outfit capable of doing a survey.  “PROVE IT” screams CASA.  “No requirement or need” says I “not yet at least”.  When there is a honest, open platform, provided by folk that may be trusted, without an agenda, with protection against retribution, then and only then, will the information be tested.  Skidmore has told Forsyth to bugger off with his and his teams ‘opinion’. Now his own commissioned survey has said much the same thing.  What in the seven hells do you imagine he is going to do with the milk and water results of his ‘survey’; for which CASA wrote the ToR.  Nothing of either intrinsic or practical value is the short answer. Choc Frog to Skidmore for the biggest load of Bollocks produced this decade; no mean feat that; and there have been some classics.

Due to mass ministerial cowardice and self protection (thanks Paul Keeting) CASA has been allowed to get away with anything they please, without accountability to anyone.  This has resulted in a department which, through like attracting like, has been ensnared by a certain ‘type’.  The place is riddled with them; the wrong men, with wrong personalities creeping into positions of power, forming alliances with the likeminded; shielded by a total lack of responsibility or accountability, backed by ‘big’ one way street law.  The ‘big’ business end of aviation can and do control the excesses, mostly through threat of bigger legal guns, as much money and the expertise on staff to ‘control’ and manage the sillier notions of the Casamite in the jump seat.  Outside of that, if anyone dared to speak out; there would be trouble, with a capital T.   The millions spent on regulation and reform of that regulation has been wasted.  The problem resides within the people within the regulator, those who, as Hood put it, ‘delight’ the like minded, thriving in a toxic atmosphere.

Aye. This current load of Bollocks will be chewed over, manipulated and spun until CASA convinces a dullard minister, like whatsisname’ to accept that they, CASA, are the injured, misunderstood, hard done by party.  Tea, biscuits and more money will salve the bruised CASA sensitivities and the cynical, sneering party will continue; with industry paying and the government supporting.  Such is life.

But then we have the ATSB conundrum; captive of CASA, poor beyond belief, demoralised and whipped into submission.  Always ready to make sure no one is offended by a ‘robust’ safety report; always trotting off to make sure the CASA arse is covered and that nothing will rock the boat.  If, for one moment, you think that’s harsh; read three of the latest ATSB reports published: any three will do; then tell me that they are the work of an independent, ICAO compliant, fearless investigator.  Look to the delayed Pel-Air fiasco; look to the unbelievable mess they have made of 370, Melbourne, Mildura, Newcastle, etc.  Spineless, repressed, fearful, captured by MoU, complicit in cover-up, conflicted by conscience and probably gender confused to boot. Openly denigrated by the real world.

Of course ASA are an equally sterling example of how to totally bugger things up.  No shadow of favour there; no sir, not at top levels, where the big money is doled out; nah.  Why should we look to more cost effective , efficient systems for the future when ‘Big Sky’ or whatever the duck they call it, can line pockets and make careers today.  No influence pedalling there at all.  Not a whiff of corruption or even a whisper of inefficiency.  Nope, ASA just another shining example of profitability, efficiency and excellence of service to Australia and the travelling public.

Minister – your three ‘aviation’ safety networks are totally, completely and utterly rooted.  CASA is lost in space; ATSB could not find ‘space’ if it jumped up and bit ‘em in the arse; ASA have never heard of it.

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DPM investing in Aviation – Photo credit Minister for Transport.
No matter; love the new hair tint; can’t wait for the next selfie and; please, could you confirm the rumour that both you and the delectable, decorative Cash will be competing in next seasons ‘Dancing with the Stars’.  It’s all so much more important than that boring old aviation – which should, really, be able to take care of itself.