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Another Canberra gab fest extravaganza, over.

I expect Doug and/or Hitch will cover the details of the recent Cantberra ‘big bash’, whether Ben decides the details are news-worthy enough for his blog time will tell. Anyway – enough coverage so anecdotes and snippets will suffice for Aunty Pru. Although not much happened; certainly nothing electrifying, although there were a few bright moments and some interesting observations made which will served up at the next BRB indaba.

For our reporters one of the highlights and points of interest was the Skidmore v Farquharson heavy weight bout. It is clear the GWM boss has no intention of going and feels he is ahead on points after ‘shirt fronting’ Skidmore and getting away with it. Ayup, the McComic legacy lives on. Reflected in the voluminous piles of ‘we can do our own thing’ paperwork, thousands of pages of new, more complex rules which CASA intend to foist on industry, like it or not, as part of the justification for keeping their jobs and the significant increase in costs.

One observer remarked that the raging anger inside the aging satyr Terry is beginning to seep out through the red eyes, no longer just seen in moments of absolute fury; the red glow in now permanently visible as a warning to all who approach. The madness of self delusion and arrogance seems to manifesting in some pretty wild statements though; do you know that Terry believes McComic was a biblical class saviour and the Rev Forsyth a daemon to be cast down – true dat. Terry firmly believes that CASA is a warm, fuzzy, friendly, fluffy, feel good, happy-clappy, shining example of a perfect regulator and that Rev Forsyth was but a paid stooge of the IOS. Skidmore should have fired the large Terry arse the moment it said Farq-u-hardson, but didn’t. Now Terry is there for life, creeping through the secret passageways; poisoning the wells. Look at the distinct change to atmosphere after MS departed the fix.  Terry nearly, but quite methinks, undid all the previous good work.   Mind you, it was interesting to note that the LSD minders followed Terry about the place during breaks, never far away and always within earshot; coincidence ? perhaps.

Best moments, which will not be generally reported:-

A minion delivered a rambling, disjointed party piece about the subtle differences in the various ‘Advisory circulars’ went on to define the various acronyms in some detail. It was amusing when he was very neatly tied up in his own red tape, by pure, unarguable logic which said that whatever you called them they were in fact all one and the same thing; “a means, but not the only means of compliance”: and there was no need, apart from a ‘make-work’ to further classify the advice. Big smiles behind hands everywhere, Oh dear looks from the FF crew. CASA 0 – Industry 1. Bravo.

Phil Hurst and the other stalwarts have not taken the collective foot off the accelerator, all spoke well and with conviction, you get the feeling that despite the glacial speed at which reform is not occurring, there is hope. The grasp of the Iron Ring remains tight, but maybe just loose enough to allow the industry one final deep breath before it dies. One thing, with folk like Hurst and Re batting, the GA industry will not be flogged off to the property developers, not just yet anyway. Steve Re is worthy of special mention, he did very well for the ALAEA; succinct, but the powerful message was delivered, with ease, clarity and some style. Bravo. Industry groups should follow the ALAEA 145 plan against Part 61 and find a Re to do the heavy lifting and speeches, part 61 could be dismissed within a month, those boys are very good at what they do. Spend some money, get professional help.

That only leaves Skidmore without comment; still an enigma. Hard to get reading is the general consensus, perhaps that’s how he wants to play it. There are some indications that he is on the side of the angels though; the man has a tough job to regain some control after the McComic free reign era. Firing a few would make a good start, he seems capable of doing it, but only after he has made his decision. Which is a good thing, at least for the most part as that makes him, his own man. Skidmore was overheard to remark during a sidebar conversation that he was ‘pig headed but open minded’.

One can only hope that his mind is not open at both ends…… Wink …..

That’s it from Cantberra – the group leaders will no doubt pass their take on proceedings along to the membership of the various alphabet clans, in due course.


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