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The end game of the Pel-Air debacle is about to played out in the Australian courts today; they provide a demonstrated, documented and examined insight into what can happen in the aftermath of an accident investigation.  The events which have occurred and continue to generate outrage in Australia provide some unpalatable food for thought for those waiting for news of MH 370.  As they clearly define the depths to which government agencies are prepared descend to, in defence of the status quo.  You get an inkling –HERE and – HERE – and some background from P2.

 Sarcs – “Here are some links to the now banished (not forgotten) 2nd Senate Thread that took up the CV and the huge COI in the bureau (under Dolan)in re-investigating it’s own abysmal PelAir Final Report:”

A small scale incident such as the ditching of a Pel-Air medivac West wind in 2009 is still suffering from the deceitful actions of two, fully government supported and empowered agencies. Australia still cannot and will not own up to, let alone remedy the treacherous actions which today culminate in a single mother staring down not only the might of two national safety air safety bodies, but the government department which tacitly approved that behaviour and the incredible fire power of large, international insurance carriers.

It all provides a very realistic preview of what those who wait for news may expect; a regulator operating to satisfy the dictates of a minister influenced by, or beholding to vested interests, an investigator who will happily ‘edit’ the accident report to avoid any hint of systematic failure, exonerate the regulator, operator and if 100% pilot error can be demonstrated, the insurance company is off the hook.

The next step (if there is enough noise made) in the process is to side step any ‘inquiry’, be it coronial or governmental.  If that process ends up casting a small shadow of reasonable doubt, it’s not a problem.  You simply agree after a suitable time interval, to have another look at the whole thing, bring in a rabid defender of the system; and, in your own sweet time, bring in a report which complies with the narrow terms of reference. – Abracadabra – you have gained at least another two year delay, taken the steam out of the argument and exhausted the patience and fiscal resources of those who raised the complaints.

This children is what you may expect when ‘your’ government, decides the rice bowl is threatened; at least in Australia anyway.