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This week the TGIF edition has been delayed due to the fact that last week we did not have a #SBG edition. Therefore we are incorporating this week’s early edition #SBG into the TGIF – read it and weep!… πŸ˜†

One picture, worth 1000 words?

There’s nothing quite like it; that ‘feeling’ one gets from a ‘job well done’. Neat, tidy ILS (hand flown {sssshhh}) painting the mains onto the runway, flying the nose wheel on and slipping back to reverse, exit the runway in good order. Brilliant. Same – same when a ‘piece’ comes off the workbench; sit down with a coffee and nod a silent thanks to the tools which created it. Satisfaction: knowing that you have done a good job, always makes the first Ale taste great. Probably old fashioned of me to see it that way; but it was the way I was taught to do things – everything – as well as I could; as I was taught; and, to seek help when I could not. When I look at the outside world now, I wonder where that all disappeared to, particularly in the political world. IMO it is quite reasonable to expect a ‘minister’ to at least try to seek a remedy for a clearly apparent ‘problem’ – particularly one which affects many people – directly or indirectly – especially when there is an increased risk, even a small one to public safety and a more certain one to the economy. Which brings me (finally) to the current incumbent ‘minuscule of transport’. I believe we actually have one – so where is it and whats it doing about the unbelievable, tangled mess Australian aviation is trapped in?

β€œHe had learned that close-held secrets could often be cracked by going all the way to the top and there making himself unbearably unpleasant. He knew that such twisting of the tiger’s tail was dangerous, for he understood the psychopathology of great power.”

The right answer is ‘not much’. Minuscule King is now not only lacking – but missing. The photograph reveals the total lack of animation or interest our minister for transport has – in a very serious problem. The slumped seating position and passive hands betray a complete disinterest in the view screen in front. It is an ATC screen showing a ‘sector’ – maybe even one where there is uncertainty, possible ‘black holes’ in the separation distances between aircraft; where ATC is not available, where flights are delayed or even cancelled. Yet there it sits, passive, showing us only her turned away back – which is about what we have come to expect from Albo’s ex bag man, promoted to an elevated level of silent obedience.

β€œIf I were to remain silent, I’d be guilty of complicity.”

Yet, silent does our minister remain; not even a hint of interest, let alone a statement saying that ‘your government is working toward a solution’ or some similar line of pony-pooh..You know the sort of thing – assuring the punters that their safety is ‘our’ prime concern/priority – which is total Bollocks, etc. etc….. At least when Chester and McCormack stepped up to bat, they were at least ‘visible’ and active; ineffective to be sure, but they were at least ‘engaged’ and even listened. No tangible results from that listening alas; but, in their defence we at least knew they were alive; not moribund. They would have at least addressed the public and industry concerns and offered the best reassuring platitudes available.

AP statistics reflect their engagement. La’ King bats at 1995 ‘reads’ on our boards, in the same time period Chester drew about (ish) some 60,000 – McCormack about the same. At least they had enough interest and integrity to face the crowd and listen to opinion and options. Seems the industry is as disinterested in King as she is in the industry; despite a couple (or maybe three) potential major crises in the ‘safety’ consortium. If, for example dumb luck runs out, and there is a major collision event in ‘controlled’ airspace it will bring down a government. So please, don’t just sit there, flaccid, inert and flatulent; watching the screen– not comprehending and disinterested; pretending it will never happens;Β do something…..!!!!

But enough; matters aeronautical are so far removed from the ministerial offices as to be of little to no consequence, no matter what happens; perhaps that is where the major change needs to occur – fat chance – right.

β€œA likely impossibility is always preferable to an unconvincing possibility. The story should never be made up of improbable incidents; there should be nothing of the sort in it.”

Aye well; ramble over – but speaking of ‘pictures’ I was sent one this morning which I shall keep forever. Picture a soft green lawn with a venerable Cape Chestnut tree; two dogs laying in the winter sunshine; a cat parked on a saw horse; and a man in a hat with a mug of coffee, having a smoke, sat on a completed chair, contemplating the almost finished garden table, made to to match. Shavings and wood chips dot the area; tools spread on a makeshift ‘bench’; then imagine the undiluted, simple pleasures of a job well done, in good company, in sunshine with a coffee and a smoke. Ayup Colour me happy.


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