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Good call  – P2 – politically low level operations are a time bomb and dangerous to those who fool about with the elements of the industry which routinely operate ‘in the weeds’; especially the ‘chopper’ crowd; the media being the most likely to kick off a pooh storm.  Then there are the police, search and rescue, medivac, fire fighters, flood relief food deliveries – all seriously operationally and financially likely to suffer because of the idiot rules enforced, without too much consultation on an industry which has much money invested and generates jobs, and a good return to the government. What a shame to treat it in such an off hand, shabby manner.

I will, probably finish up with the low level operations, the NZ rules are clean, simple to comply with,  ‘release’ the industry from undue regulatory cost burden and, by extension, the risk of prosecution by unintended breech; in about a dozen pages.

Wazza and his minions need to get weaving, before this all blows up.  Truss could with a wiggle of an eyebrow ‘freeze’ this debacle and score some much needed browneye points.  That or be the one ultimately responsible for Mrs and junior Brown stuck on roof top overnight because to rescue them would breech some arbitrary rule, writ by a purblind fool.

Exemption is not the solution – Bin, bin, bin, bin, bin, bin, bin, bin, bin.

You know you want to….