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We seem to have quite a lot of both. Agenda confusion is probably the easiest to unravel, particularly with regard to ‘matters aeronautical’. The nub is simplicity itself – Australian aviation is in a mess – across the board; it needs to ‘get sorted’. To achieve this within the next 100 years, there needs to be a ‘plan’ – a blueprint if you will; then there needs to be the will to execute that plan. To do this means top level government involvement, backing, support and, of course money. The latter is probably the easiest to sort; the amount spent on the current bun fight is staggering. The waste and excess in the ‘safety’ budget would easily fund all changes required, never mind curbing the wastage. Support is dependent on the governments determination level to reduce costs, improve safety and help an industry achieve it’s full potential to create employment and attract investment; that can’t be a bad thing; can it, Shirley? Backing is the major stumbling block – so many ‘other’ agenda’s and power plays in the back rooms and ‘rice bowl’ protection going on, there’s hardly a minute to attend to business. IMO what is needed is ‘leadership’ of the ministerial kind which will put its foot down, with a firm hand and make the ‘blueprint’ work.

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Maybe one in 50 will pick up the excellent report prepared by a NZ company (McGregor and Co.) for the Asian Development Bank and cherry pick their way through the 800 odd pages; I expect one in 200 will read ‘lumps’ of it and not many will ‘study’ the document. But someone should. It simply makes good sense and presents the government with a clearly defined way forward. P2 has provided in a long post some of the ‘gems’ from the report – HERE -. The report may not be ‘the’ perfect solution, but by Golly, it is a great place to start and stop the rot.

Gender confusion and some form of mentally disturbed version of what is Politically correct seems to be flourishing at ATSB. This of itself is no real cause for alarum; however, once this begins to be reflected in essential safety reports – it is time for someone to put the brakes on.

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The report –HERE -is provided in response to a Be20 incident. IMO this report is as close to another Pel-Air style of manipulation as I ever want to read again; take the time to read it – carefully – and consider the implications in the part titled –‘What’s been done’.The Report’ stand alone, is a load of old cobblers; then to add injury, the unbelievable mangling of the English language is presented – and being accepted – as the norm. I despair for our children; but I digress. Risible don’t enter into it; this is serious – ATSB under the Uriah Heep of aviation was a crippled thing; under Hood it is degenerating into a confused, ineffective, expensive candidate for the knackers yard.

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If they can’t sort out the accident, then at least have the courtesy of sorting out gender – at least we can know then, for sure, if it ‘twas a Bloke; or blokes: or, a Blokette (s) driving the bus which killed all on board. For pities sake.

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The perfect snapshot, which defines the pickle Austria is in comes from the ‘airports’ imbroglio. It is a classic; no one wants any of the responsibility for ‘em. Oh, they want the money allocated and the kudos; but no one wants to be ‘responsible’ for anything. The artfully prepared cut out points and word weasel excuses make for priceless entertainment; if you’ve a taste for macabre black humour. If you are some poor mutt stuck in an aircraft which is visiting a DFO – then; if you survive that, the system will kill you off. Our trusty Senators are on the job; which adds a dash of hope to the mix. It is a great pity we do not have a minister capable of supporting their fine work. However, as it is Sunday and the minister is beneath contempt, I shall save my key board a pounding (did that Wednesday) and not mention him today.

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Nah; duck it, I will. The revived AAOPA got off to a lumpy start, it did. Ruffled the ministers fine feathers, upset Boyd’s smooth delivery of platitudes and excuses; hacked Carmody off no end. However, there are strong indications of rapid maturing, a sharp edge being forged and delivered into some talented, experienced hands. Darren 6D has announced yet another gab-fest; CASA and ‘industry’, tickets to the show, (to listen and applaud only) have been difficult to obtain.

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When three of aviation’s finest are denied entre to an industry direction panel, by the minister, you have to wonder what, exactly, does he want to hear.

Aye; Muppets and puppets playing Ring-around-the Roses; speaking in the PC version of ‘tongues’ deciding what’s best for the industry – just what we needed.

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Who needs the Senate committee, Forsyth, ADB, PASO or even ICAO; we’ll always have our very own, slightly skewed, one eyed, ego feeding waste disposal system; after all we are unique. Isolated from the rest of the world, cocooned in arrogance, steeped in ignorance and as PC as all Hell. P2 reckons Mount Non Compliance is a tough climb; but Mount Indifference beats it, hands down.

Well, the dogs are crossing the yard; their breath steaming on the cool morning air, be here any second wanting to be away; I’ll not deny them their simple pleasures. How come they always know when to turn up; we underestimate them. Right: best crack on; dogs, second coffee, muffin and workshop. Bloody ‘armoire’ – some ham fiisted sod has, back in the day, banged a bloody nail deep into a joint  – took a lump out of one of my favourite chisels – best fettle that first; can’t work with useless tools, can you….

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Ps P2 – Birdstrikes & drones have been a hot topic this week, therefore I thought the following ICAO safety awareness picture worthy of regurgitation:

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[Image: huh.gif] …except someone forgot the drone sign – here we go [Image: wink.gif]

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