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The Senate is now demonstrably out of government control, aviation is back where it should be – a highly political issue.  This rather than the Voodoo scripted bi-partisan bollocks we have had dribbled out over the past years; since 2008 when the Nationals, supposedly from the ‘Bush’, ably aided and abetted the destruction of many small community aviation enterprises.

Truss betrayed those country voters then, as he is again now.   Happily accepting the advice of the very people who have yet to come to terms with two reports which clearly, unequivocally and empirically define them as the bloody problem.  All run by the same smooth talking generators of smoke, polishers of mirrors.   Alboo boo’s great land sale aside; if Bill Shorten ever gets a whisper of the sharp, behind the rhetoric machinations, the political football will be well and truly kicked.  What the hell is Truss thinking? – if anything.   There’s a little more on Forum – HERE.