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There is a whisper doing the rounds that both Skidmore and Boyd are interested in and listening to unvarnished tales from the coal face. Should this prove true, then it is to their eternal credit and another beer ‘we’ owe the Senators; the worthy Reverent Forsyth should be invited to that party. The Forsyth report is said to have ‘shocked’ although, true to his word Forsyth did not publish much anecdotal information, but it’s a fair bet that the ‘off campus’ horror stories had an impact.

The submissions made to that inquiry by industry were, of necessity, very restrained, polite, factual and framed very ‘professionally’. Those submissions provided a good surface view but could not (dared not) penetrate into the murky depths of the routine day to day sheer frustration of dealing with ‘the authority’ at ground level.

You don’t need too look far, try very hard or dig very deep to uncover the real reasons for the restrained submissions to the Revs’ little foray into dangerous waters, where fear, fury and disgust exist, albeit carefully camouflaged.

It is to be sincerely hoped that Boyd and Skidmore are prepared to look beneath the covers, if only for self protection against the McComic legacy. Even as we speak, the white ants are toiling, working away, determined to undermine any meaningful change and to protect the unlimited power, freedom from prosecution and retain the political top cover gifted to the unshriven by McComic. They must, for one ray of sunlight into that dark, subterranean world would expose the unholy aberrations inflicted on both operators and individuals.

The link below provides a download, from the Aunty Pru library to a copy of a petition, now almost four years old. It’s worth a read though, even if just to realise that nothing, absolutely sod all has changed since it was provided to the Senate inquiry. With a little editing it could be as valid today as it was then.

Spam and virus free, download – HERE from the AP library.