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Forget it.

Your indulgence requested, I am still clumsy with the brand new ‘Blog’ and Twitter toys.Unsure

P{prune looses more credibility as the Trolls and catamites of ‘vested interest’ move in.  When the Senate Inquiry ‘conversation’ was closed after severe ‘hits editing’ which failed, and was forced to accede (fold) under pressure from those with ‘vested interest’.  The legendary research guru ‘Sarcs’ simply transferred to the Norfolk Ditching thread.  Two things are of great interest (i) the hits counter reflected the true interest that the Senate thread was generating, (7000 hits in the past 24 hours); and, (ii) the Trolls turned up, on cue.  Without the interest and knowledge of anyone (I’ve quit) aware of exactly what was done to the ATSB report, the manipulation and embuggerance of the disgraced Australian regulatory and accident investigation will continue flourish; as the accepted norm.

It will be up to the aviation world to now shout “NO” at the Australian government, for this behaviour is, indeed,unacceptable.  Apathy spoon fed by self interest, supplied by those with vested interest.  What a sad, sorry story.  I feel an immense amount of sadness for those waiting for their loved ones to be deplaned from MH 370, for as long as ATSB chief Dolan is anywhere near the search, the shades and stench of the Pel-Air duck up will haunt the investigation.  So long as the infestation of self satisfied interest rules the Australian skies; no one can, not with any certainty, rely on a level playing field or a fair deal.- – – – – – — – – — – – – – – –

At least the political ‘donations’ article on Crikey goes some way (close as legally safe) to resolving one of the big questions: Why did CASA and ATSB take such extraordinary risks to manipulate an accident report?  If ever evidence of ‘regular’ meetings between the then Minister ‘Albo’ and his trained attack dog McComic, which only had one purpose, surfaces there will be no scandal, just the great Australian apathy.  Being so used to the less than honourable behaviour of politicians and their executive ministerial advisors; I doubt this will raise more than 30 seconds of conversation over morning coffee’s.  It should, for this is the demonstrated and proven attitude of those who carefully stage manage aviation in the skies over the great, wide, brown Souther land land.  Coming to a major accident investigation – near you? Oh, you bet.