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Quote:“The aviation community is being asked to help CASA develop a new program of regulatory change”.

In so many ways, that is a strange request, perverse in it’s own unique way.  Think about it. For years, under McComic, we were the dross, the crap on the bottom of the ‘authority’ boots, the IOS, criminals, drunks, incompetents and a menace to society. So much so that special criminal charges had be brought in to enforce the perversions described a ‘law’, black letter enforcement, twisted interpretation and the extremes of law used to pervert any semblance of ‘fair-play’.

Now – as non of this ‘is on my watch’ suddenly, it’s industry and it’s denigrated expertise which CASA, who created the unholy duck up, want to harness, so they can shine.

If CASA can’t clean up the mess, then they have no right to hold jobs of critical importance; it is that simple.  Skidmore included, he now expects time travel to Tasmania, publishing today a notice that a meeting was held yesterday, short notice, window dressing and they can’t even get that right.

Minister Truss, sack the whole bloody shebang; start again there are many true experts available who can and will sort out the CASA in short order.  The problem lays with the CASA ranks, not the peripherals, such as legislation.  We can always work within ‘bad’, clumsy law, have done for years, but those on whom we must rely for interpretation have managed to create a toxic atmosphere of fear and resentment, which no amount of soft soap from a DAS with NFI will erase.  Do you understand that no one, who knows what they are about can possibly work with CASA while some of the worst examples of CASA misfeasance still hold top jobs.  Wake up FFS.    Beg Jeff Boyd to take over, make him an offer, there’s a bloody good start, the rest will follow easily.