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It is all very disappointing but the warning bells were definitely pealing way..way back here – Former Air Vice Marshal Mark Skidmore named director of air safety 

Quote:“I think initially for me it’s going to be waiting for the government’s response to the ASRR and seeing how that’s going to shape CASA into the future,’’ he said. “So I’m keen to see that, I look forward to getting that ­response.

“Really in the regards to the rest, yes, I’ve heard murmurings and mumblings out there. Obviously, being a pilot myself you run into those type of things.

“I’ve got to get my feet under the desk and get an opportunity to find out what’s going on and talk to people.’’

Quote:Asked about the biggest challenge he saw so far, he said this would be getting the opportunity to grow CASA’s reputation and rebuild trust with the industry.

He believed CASA was a good organisation that had done a lot of good work but acknowledged there was a perception it did not listen and this needed to be ­addressed.

However, CASA was also a regulator and there were rules and regulations it had to apply.

“Sometimes there’s going to have be tough decisions and we’re going to have to do that,’’ he added.

There was also the small issue that essentially Skidmore – much like most of the CASA executive management – was no more than a glorified private pilot, with little to no essential experience in the day to day realities of an aviation commercial operation/Airline.

From that article the comments from Phil Hurst perhaps highlighted the enormity of the task that lay before the under qualified Mr Skidmore, & the importance for him to hit the ground running:

Quote:Aerial Agriculture Association of Australia chief executive Phil Hurst said the association looked forward to an end to “ the rudderless ship that is CASA, the implementation of the industry supported recommendations of the ASRR, and the addressing of the CASA-created Part 61 crisis’’.

Mr Hurst said Mr Skidmore had “a massive task” turning around the culture of CASA, adding it must work with industry to identify real safety risks and “improve the safety, economic and growth outcomes for all stakeholders”.

To get any credibility at all Skidmore (as a private pilot) needed to get a basic understanding of the financial impost that Part61 threatens to inflict (is already inflicting) on industry  now & into the future. Sadly he didn’t do that and instead asked for further comments after 10 years of one-sided consultation on Part61 and has hidden the major issues under the auspice of a bogus PIR – FFS. And now to add insult to injury he scoffs at negative commentary at an AOPA meeting??

Quote:Part 61 being an example.  It seems the line to be taken is that the USA, Europeans and the Kiwi’s are beating down the CASA door to get a hold of 61 for them selves as it is the worlds best.  According to Skidmore ‘they’ are, as we speak, shredding their own versions and panting to replace them with our 61.  There don’t you feel better now, but wait there’s more.  Our 61 is about the same size as the NZ and is very similar, got that.  Wait. More follows, he, Skidmore is so enamoured of our 61 that he has no intention, whatsoever of attempting to moderate, refine or even reduce the volume.  No, we are all to embrace this wonderful rule set, for indeed we are stuck with it.  Skidmore reckoned those who don’t like it can bloody well lump it.

UFB— Angry —What rock did this bloke crawl out from underneath off Huh :

Ok I’ll play (just a little), Skates got your calculator handy??- Here is the download page off the Comlaw site for Part61:

[Image: Untitled_Clipping_062315_043450_PM.jpg]

Ok so add Vol 1 to 4 together and you should come up with – 2179 pages

Clear as mud?? Okay good, now start walking the green mile… Dodgy FCOL

MTF…P2 Tongue