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Fear no more the heat o’ the sun,

We ain’t certain just how he does it; but Chester keeps right on doing it, very well; i.e. annoying the living beejasus out of aviation and political heavy weights. Maybe it’s the gross insults to intelligence; perhaps it’s the trotting out of shop worn second hand goods; it may even be that that the platitudes used to sooth this long suffering industry don’t translate too well. Ye gods; there have been, over the years some inept, incompetent, piss poor, puggled, purblind, deaf, dumb, blind, out of touch ‘ministers’, there really have.

Quote:[Image: 59f15fc69c2760103660ef0b2a9849cc?width=1024]

DDDDD-miniscule of NFI – “The Civil Aviation Safety Authority last month announced a review of the rules, which it is due to report by September. This is the second time that CASA has delayed the introduction of the rules…”

“..BOLLOCKS – Darren; – Mate, 30 years and 400 (that’s four hundred) MILLION dollars have been pissed up against the Tamworth aero club wall waiting on REFORM…”

But, FCOL, can this man even tie his boot laces without ‘expert’ advice, ‘assistance’ and a selfie. Too damned dopey to understand a simple fact-  that it was his ‘experts’ which landed us all, him included, into this dreadful, expensive, unholy mess. Yet the solution is blindingly simple.  Give aviation a judicial inquiry, a junior minister and a DAS both of whom actually understand and care about the well being of the industry. Fawcett and Smith for an example. Problems solved in about a half year; then, DDDD can go to the polls with a feather in his cap, instead of a picture of Barmybaby (taken by the ‘selfie king’) pissing it all up a wall. End of political comments summary. Matters aeronautical demand attention.

Quote:[Image: 8271260-3x2-460x307.jpg]
Airservices Australia suffered a net loss of more than 700 staff due to recent cost-cutting

There is a feeling that the Senate estimates committee is ‘limbering up’.  Only a distant drum beat and they ain’t saying too much. But, there is much for them to consider and examine.  The complete shambles Air Services has degenerated into is a big enough subject, even without the departmental ‘trimmings’, spin and snake oil. Dragging that Cleary in to offset a legitimate, well researched ABC report was, many reckon, a very bad mistake. The minister needs to actually engage with real ASA troops and the Senators: maybe then the very real, sick, sad, sorry state of that service will finally be understood. Best be sharp though; the Senators and the ANAO are all over the unspeakable truths. Halfwit knows the tales and Whostoblame will meet him at the bus stop – provided Halfawit ever gets there in one piece that is.

Then, just for fun; a little light entertainment, we have the hapless ATSB desperately trying to re-draft, the rewrite of the third Pel-Air script. Tricky report to manage; particularly as a ‘parallel’ informal (so far) investigation has been running, with special attention paid to CASA. There are many who are awaiting the release of this report; you see, boys and girls, the terms of reference generated by non other than Sangston create a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma for the golden haired Walker. His challenge, to stick to the ToR, not drop anyone ‘init’, especially CASA and himself; then produce a document which cannot, dare not, go anywhere near the truth of the original CASA/ATSB confection.

Then (22/10/12):

Now (17/10/16):

There is another small problem to solve – the world and it’s wife know, absolutely what went really went on behind the scenes. That makes it another ticking bomb for DDDD Chester – minister for transport, to attempt to defuse; by taking advice from them as built it. That is if ever the ATSB grow a set and publish the wretched thing. Sample – was the Westwind ‘suitable’ for ditching?  Is this a serious line of inquiry? Is this relevant to the causal chain? If it is then there are more questions to be asked of the ATSB than there ever was of the ‘certificate holders’; who were, genuinely ‘amused’ at the presumptive ignorance.  How much time and money did that little distracting nonsense cost and why?

Which leaves only the ‘regulator’ and it’s reformed rules to discuss. Hitch reckons there’s big money on Carmody keeping the job.  A mandarins mandarin, smoothly, efficiently hosing the crap off the walls and the blood off the floor; making it all smell nice for the minister to visit. While dropping what, $300,000 a year? – Well, he ain’t a top weight on my tote. Sticking with Carmody is all well and good for the ‘minister’; but, for those with a memory, armed with facts, supported by history, who have waited and suffered through three decades of ‘no change’ it is not likely to be such a happy, quiet, satisfactory result. Then, there is great uncertainty about the efficacy of the CASA board, given that when the ‘chair’ was an ‘operator’ he was a total Casasexual. There is grave concern regarding the’ influence’ of the DAS and his catamites on the board. Then there is the almost total dismissal of the ICC in preference to ‘other business’ to consider. The ICC only gets four chances a year to speak to the board – guess, for a choc frog, how many appearances the ICC has made this past 12 month. Grave concern is often expressed as to the effectiveness of the ICC, given the constraints on his activities; ruthlessly enforced by both senior management and the board (in that order). Then, there is a great deal of suspicion and cynicism regarding the ‘born again’ theory of ‘consultative’ and ‘advisory groups; which begs the question – why do we pay CASA experts wages to do a job; then have to go and ‘advise’, consult and do the job ourselves? The answer is simplicity itself – the ‘experts’ have not got a blind clue – not even about running the flying school that spawned them.

CASA starts Search for New Director
17 Feb 2017

Aye; not a good week for the minister and worse to come – well; it could get lot worse if even half the plans ‘laid’ – hatch. We shall see.

My apologies for ‘dry-toast’ gazette, but I can find little inspiration, not much comfort and barely a smile to incite the ‘sensaumour’ bump. This industry was in a world of hurt before Chester, but now, with all hopes for ministerial leadership, reform and regulatory sanity dashed into the pit of ‘departmental advice’ we must hope that a decent man is appointed to the CASA leadership role (or roll over). That, at very least will keep the minister from becoming a further international embarrassment to us all.

That’s it – Toot – toot.