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Quote:P2 proposal – That said I’m personally not concerned about revealing my IP (if they want it they can more than likely get it anyway), so I propose to regurgitate said survey on here  & we can then respond to it collectively – with additional answers/etc. – take the piss and send in with a link to the 269 ASRR submissions on a PAIN email?- My proposal, other suggestions welcome.

My personal sentiments mirror pretty much those of Thorny & Gobbles..  I would add that is a bit rich for the IOS to assess CASA as per ASRR R8, when Skidmore & co have effectively done nothing but have talkfests etc. ever since Truss called for the implementation of pretty much all of the Rev Forsyth’s report recommendations.

Nope just another cynical attempt to assuage the miniscule direction – FFS!

Hmmm.. Now that’s embarrassing, of the 7 responses in over a month 4 of them are actually from CASA Admin.


Maybe it’s me that’s got this arse about.  Here we have a ‘safety’ regulator, caught with their pants down, paws in the cookie jar and a three decade long rap sheet.  This proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, by the Senate in Parliament, confirmed by an independent panel of experts, the results delivered to a Minister of the Crown.  All insisting on immediate, full scale, no holds barred reform of the REGULATOR – not the bloody regulations.  This reform demanded by the industry which supports the regulator.  Seems to me that in the face of overwhelming odds, the least the regulator could do is embrace the changes and attempt to pacify the paymaster.

It’s not as if it was just a mild suggestion – it was a clear directive for major, sweeping changes to the REGULATOR; – not the blasted regulation – both immediate and urgent.  Do CASA set about making the changes requested and required? – No, they do not.  Instead in typical cynical, underhand style a new coat of wax is added to the rusted mudguard – in just the same way that brought about the directive for reform.  The methodology applied is exactly the same as that which earned CASA the censure of the Senate and industry.  It’s piss-potical, dishonest and states clearly that no matter what – the regulatory leopard will not change it’s spots.

This dreadful survey is, rightfully, being boycotted for what it is – a perceived compliance with the minimum requirement – not a whole hearted attempt at reform.  The ‘survey’ makes several assumptions, which imply that the regulator is reformed and the new law is acceptable – neither is true.  CASA just don’t seem to get it – they are the problem – not the ducking solution. Everyman and his dog, from the Minister down can see it, the international community can see it, hells bells my giddy Aunt can see it – and yet CASA persist in the fantasy.

Clean ‘em out Malcolm, before they return to the self righteous complacency which landed them in the crap in the first instance.  Bugger the regulations – REFORM CASA – the regulations will take care of themselves after that.

Aye, no doubt I’ve got the bull by the tits again, but if anyone else, apart from Slymore, believes that puerile, trite, little, one way, loaded survey is going to achieve anything but derision and disgust, let me know, so that I too may see the light and embrace life in a parallel universe.