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Dollars to doughnuts and no damn sense.

Funny sort of day today for Mrs. Skidmore’s boy.  There’s to be a gathering of the faithful (bring your own tambourine) in no less a salubrious venue than the Bankstown terminal (bring your own everything) and he is to address this gathering.   Should be a stroll in the park – a tame CASA paid rent –a-crowd, this time from the ranks of the AOPA; the subject will be the ever handy, undefinable, evergreen topic – ‘Safety’; dripping with CASA style and vision.  “You coming along” says P50, “Rather chew my leg off” says I.

I would however consider buying my own ticket for a seat behind the scenes at the AOPA meeting.  There is a new AOPA ‘boss’; one who does have several very valid reasons to not be quite as user friendly as previous incumbents have been.  A clever man, canny and wise in the wicked ways of ‘real’ aviation with serious qualifications and the hard won battle scars to prove a long association with GA and CASA.  If this worthy can convert the AOPA fellahin back to being a force to reckoned with and voice to be heard, I will renew my long lapsed subscription.

GA – world wide – is not doing as well as should be.  I have long thought that if we could extend an olive branch to the American cousins and align with similar bodies, a powerful weapon to combat the excesses of ‘controlling bodies’ could be made.  The American AOPA do not tolerate the antics of some of the more light minded, bureaucratic edicts of the FAA, perhaps with their assistance the Australian chapter could return to light and be of some practical value.   AOPA should not be just another tame crowd of performing seals catching whatever fish CASA throw their way as a reward for doing tricks to amuse the crowd.   But, I digress.

Today Master Skidmore-Twist preaches to the converted not 200 yards from the infamous now abandoned CASA offices, portal to Sleepy Hollow, well spring of much evil.  He will most likely park the ComCar within shouting distance of the Wabbit warren, home of some of the greatest iniquity inflicted on those who made a humble, modest living at Bankstown.  I wonder; will he have the courage, does he have the native wit to point at that building and declare never, not ever again will industry be subjected to the evil, mindless purblind stupidity which poured out of that den of iniquity?

My doughnut to your dollar – says not.  It will be another pleasant chat, more promises, more ‘assistance’ requested and the converts will be informed, yet again, that the minuscule really wants reform.  Meanwhile the problem sits at home, feet up enjoying the rich rewards of yet another week of job done well and plotting next weeks bastardry.

Skidmore is in desperate need of a COO.   He should be on the phone to Mike Smith offering bags of sweeties and nights of pleasure; if only he would come home and work.  Young master Skidmore achieves little poncing about preaching ‘safety’ and waving a bloody tambourines with a crowd of Casamites who, long ago, signed their contract with the devil incarnate.  Preach safety for industry from prosecution, preach safety for investment, preach job security; anything but the meaningless ‘safety’ dribble we are force fed by the Sleepy Hollow legions of professional amateurs.

Aye well, I like the new AOPA boss very well and wish him the very best of luck.  He’ll need it.