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As forecast by Aunty Pru, Beaker leads the way. The ATSB cannot be trusted to reinvestigate the Pel-Air ditching let alone the manipulation of the final report. This is the crowd ‘helping’ the Malaysian government. The question; just how are they helping, begs answer.

From the Sheik : RE: Here we go round the Mulberry bush.

Lady’s and Gents it’s more than the Mullberry bush now,

Karen Casey was contacted today by the new IIC of the Pel-Air saga advising her they now had the life jackets from the accident! Apparently the Norfolk Police had them in a storage room for five and a half years! Even worse is an inference that Karen hadn’t inflated her left chamber!!
Lots of obvious questions:

1. Why didn’t the ATSB ask for them on the spot when they were there a day after the ditching?

2. Why weren’t the ATSB interested in checking the expiry time of the life jackets?
3. Why wouldn’t the Police have offered the evidence to the ATSB?

4. There were 3 life jackets used that night. How can the ATSB come to the conclusion not knowing which vest she was wearing?

5. Considering the nature of the accident, why was crash survivability completely ignored by the ATSB in their final report?

6. Why weren’t the life jackets serial numbers validated and checked under the Pel-Air QA Engineering programme?

7. As the lights on the life jackets didn’t perform as certified, why did the ATSB not check the jackets?

This stinks of more antics. After one and a half hours struggling to survive in three metre swells, Karen did everything she could do to inflate both chambers. Dom James tried to help inflate it and he had no vest!

Shame ATSB. Five and a half years, and you now come up with critical information! Pathetic! The rest of the world is laughing! Not a good outcome for Australia!

PAIN has made it’s objections known – HERE – time will demonstrate that our concerns were well founded.