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Courtesy Sandy Reith, via Facebook

Sandy Reith 

To anyone with interest in the concept of the Aussie fair go, and the expectation that our Commonwealth Government acts responsibly according to its own published standards and strictly adheres to the law please take the time to view and assess this video.

This video shows an example of bureaucracy at its arrogant worst and the unjustified persecution of an individual, Glen Buckley. The video does not touch on how the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), having smashed his model flying school business and sent him broke, then prevented him from being employed as an instructor with another flying school.

I have never met Glen, I have no connection or interest other than to see full recompense to Glen and his family and that CASA be held accountable to the Australian people for its unconscionable, unnecessary and unjust behaviour.

This exposure should be a wake up call to Parliament and the whole of the Public Service that rule by independent monopoly Commonwealth corporations instead of traditional Departments with Minister at head, is a wrong model of governance. The Westminster system is about direct Ministerial responsibility being the best line of control back to us the electors.
Websites AuntyPru and PPRuNE for more information.

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