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The ‘Blog’ site has some fairly basic statistics ‘tools’, one of which is a visitor counter. There are many visitors who wish to post comment.  We have had a lot of trouble with ‘Spammers’ on the ‘blog’, which is why the comments section of the ‘Blog’ has been closed off, it’s sad; but unfortunately, necessary. The beggars even try the register on the forum and it’s a pain in the neck. So, if the muse descends and you want to comment or join in a discussion you will need to register, through the forum. You can use a handle and anonymity is guaranteed within the limits of our software, which is no better or worse than any other site. If you can spare the time, AP would enjoy and appreciate your comments. There is going to be (we hear) some fairly interesting developments of interest to the Australian industry and sensible, constructive comment and content from home and ‘over-seas’ would be most welcome.

The other ‘Blog’ tool we all like is the world map which shows where our visitors are when they drop in for while to read the latest twiddle Aunty Pru has posted. It’s a pleasing thing; to think that someone, somewhere on a slip, camped in a motel or tucked in at home, with a glass of what best pleases at hand, may get a laugh or have a different point of view or perspective to the twiddles AP posts. It’s often a topic of conversation, it is always fascinating to think someone in Poland, or Israel , or Malaysia, or Vietnam, or Venezuela, or Norway or the Russian Federation, China, -from all over the wide world really drop in; even the Sand pit provides some visitors. Nice to see you all, take a load off, set a spell.

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