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Royal Commission into the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

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CHAIR: I do. I am really frustrated that, having heard the evidence this afternoon, Dr Aleck didn’t come prepared for questions about Angel Flight, about the costs. He is the head of the legal team. He would have been directing the proceedings. I imagine that he had to sign off on what the requests to the courts were and then what the courts decided. I would be fascinated to know what amount you asked the court to award and then what the court did award. I cannot believe, Dr Aleck, that you do not know the answers to this question. I appreciate that Ms Spence is covering for you, but I am very, very unhappy with the horrible abuse of your position with CASA. It’s not right. For regional people [inaudible] general aviation, they are terrified of what you do to people.

.CASA RC Petition Part II – Further Comments.

1st Sandy via Facebook:

Sandy Reith

The reason for this request for a Royal Commission, the devastation to General Aviation by an uncontrolled independent Commonwealth corporate, with its monopoly of ever more permissions to which are attached swingeing fees, is an undoubted fact of life. A disgraceful abrogation of responsibility by Parliament and all of its Members this last thirty years. The problem is that we do not need another inquiry which will waste precious time, line the pockets of GI (Government Industries) and give the Minister a great excuse to do nothing.

The other problem is that we don’t write the terms of reference, so we are behind the eight ball again.
Nevertheless signatures will indicate the depth of opinion and the remarks of the signatories will show where the main problems lie.

And from the petition page:

Richard Gower
2 weeks ago

The 37 year regulatory project has been grossly mismanaged and has produced mountainous volumes which are not suitable for their intended purpose and are strangling the industry.

CASA’s obsession with strict liability regulations has created a atmosphere of mistrust between industry and regulator which has worrying safety implications.

John Massurit
24 hours ago

Change is needed to stop the decline of GA.

Ted Meeuwsen
17 hours ago

An in depth review of this government troglodyte is way overdue.

They act as if they are a law onto themselves and make far reaching decisions of great detriment to Aviation and make CASA a sheltered workshop for bureaucrats.

GA is a shadow of its former self and requires all the help it can get to survive.

However for my pick of the most passionate and insightful comment for the petition so far, read the following from Lorraine MacGillivray (a damning indictment of the regulator)… Wink

Lorraine MacGillivray
44 minutes ago

My husband and I collectively have 77 years industry experience between the two of us. Over the past two years in particular we have been actively supporting an aircraft manufacturer and Australian importer against in our opinion attacks from people in CASA that have acted in a questionable way. I can assure you that comment is being kind. I have submitted two documents to the current Senate inquiry and given the content I am surprised I have not been called before the Senate Committee. CASA Legal and in-house lawyers beholding to their employer have too much power to protect the organization that pays them. It would appear there is collusion, manipulation of the truth and no support for protecting industry. An abuse of power in this Organisation is a gross understatement. Should you fear retribution? Yes you should absolutely. I have been the subject of exactly that in my view. Complaints by me of harassment and bullying ignored. The Bristell aircraft wrongly persecuted, damage to a local importer. CASA issue restrictions for this aircraft then when faced with having to defend it in the Federal Court of Australia immediately the restriction gets removed, why? the aircraft complies and always did, we proved that! And it goes on. CASA legal passing in meeting minutes that are inaccurate and incomplete by a CASA lawyer that was a participant in that meeting and should have known the minutes he was forwarding to our lawyer were not correct. How do I know this? I lawfully recorded the whole 3 hour teleconference so I know that their minutes are not correct. This industry has been eroded and turned into a over regulated, complicated dysfunctional CASA that can no longer adequately administer itself in a fair, just or safe way. There is no support for industry from some sections. We the industry in some areas like Sport Aircraft are the enemy. We are an imposition to them. There is no support for growing industry supporting industry or for industry to be able to approach without fear or favor. I personally and professionally find some in CASA to be in my opinion disgusting people, not professionals, but self serving power mongering midwits! I am told my reputation has been damaged, why because I have stood up for what is right and honest. Individuals within CASA just trying to make your life hell because they don’t want to be proven wrong and stoop to whatever they have to to get you, harm your business and play judge jury and executioner.

I could keep going on over what has been done and I have a huge amount of evidence that will come out and the public will find out about. If anyone wants the truth just about our interactions contact me. Happy to share the evidence.

In closing am I upset, yes. Do I fear for the industry? Yes. Am I scared for what CASA can do to me or my business for standing and speaking up? Yes. Is there a Royal Commission needed? Yes absolutely and urgently before a handful of people drive this industry ‘into the ground’ completely. This is damn serious! 

Again please sign the petition – see HERE.