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Steam on – Checked.

Hitch – “CASA is lacking expertise in a number of areas at the moment, which is not helping them to draft logical regulations. They only way we can stop some of the non-sensical stuff flowing from Aviation House is to get in there and provide the expertise they lack”.

It is not Hitch in the firing line; not directly, although drafting such inflammatory reports as the one above does not endear.

Let’s have a long hard look at the implications –

1)    We pay, CASA “experts” very well indeed.  Such a job in GA for example would not be on many horizons, with super, and the rest.  These show ponies are employed to provide their expertise to industry – not the other way around.  How many reading have simply given up trying to refine a COM section; or a useable check list past some ‘expert’ FOI, only to be beaten back not by ‘superior’ technical or operational knowledge; but by sheer, purblind adherence to some home spun translation of the law.

2)    These same monkeys want to charge you AUD $190 per hour to ‘evaluate’ a check list against the AFM; then decide that a ‘procedure’ or and ‘expanded’ must be placed within that checklist – but it’s procedural you say.  NO says this ‘expert’ and you are stuck with a checklist, not only contrary to ‘law’, the AOCM and AFM but a bloody long ‘read and do list’ which is an operational liability.  Or worse still provide a two crew system for a single pilot aircraft which involves bolting most of the AFM into part B of the COM, rendering both nugatory.

3)    Now we are the ones who ‘must’ go to those who have made a complete and utter balls up of the tasks we have paid them expert money for and sort it out.

These supposed experts have, for years, been knocking back industry offered expertise; so how come now “they” are suddenly seeking our previously denigrated assistance. Bollocks.   Bollocks; if the ‘ducking experts’ want my help, they can bloody well pay for it – FFS, we cop the rubbish, the fear, the operational abuse, the rotten policy, the bad law; we even pay for this crap to be delivered and now you want us, the IOS to pull the CASA chestnuts out of the fire.

If Skidmore needs help he must fire these (list provided) useless, inutile, clueless, helpless, greedy, lazy, ineffective refugees and hire some of the real deal.  But no one wants that do they, someone may get told to boil his head or stick the latest bright idea where the sun don’t shine.  Can’t have any of that now, can wee.

Steam reduced – but fair warning – this is beyond the pale, bordering on the dizzy limits.   I could probably go on for another couple of pages; but I reckon I’ve made my point.  For those with comprehension challenges a picture should do the trick.

[Image: bollocks_35_button_100_pack.jpg?height=2...&width=225]