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Sunday brunch comes on Monday (not my fault) this week; working backwards we must start with ‘Hitch’ he seems to believe (tongue in cheek) there is a ‘fire-fight’ raging between CASA and AOPA, which is a tad ‘dramatic’ – considering his following commentary in which he cites the AOPA involvement – back in the day.  The ADS-B battle was over long ago and Australia willingly provided the ‘market research’ data for the USA manufacturers. Even an ice cream manufacturer spends a small fortune of ‘MR’ before they launch a new product – they need to be sure before making the investment. Australia provided the ‘perfect’ first world country to test the product, market resistance and predictive information on the wrinkles. But, if ‘pissing into the wind’ seems like a good tune for AOPA to whistle, why spoil the music with fact.  Apart from that – Hitch and Australian Flying is, as always, good value and worth reading.

The much vaunted ‘Match fit’ team at Air Services continue to attract unwelcome attention; as the ADS-B system become redundant – even before there are enough ground stations in to bring it fully on line – the SITAONAIR space based system looks to be a winner and, had Australia waited – or, even followed Canada’s lead; then we may just have avoided what id becoming a very expensive embarrassment to government. Then there’s the now infamous ‘One-Sky’ project, subject to intense audit and much parliamentary scrutiny. The time honoured tradition of ‘throwing others under the bus’ is being played with gusto and relish. There is much for the fare and tax paying public to consider as this desperate game slowly creeps toward it’s conclusion and golden parachutes fill the skies.  The AP thread – HERE – is as good a place to start if you want to catch up.

Many innocents and new entrants to the aviation world ask AP why ‘the noble art of ‘Embuggerance’ thread exists; this is due to a lack of contact with the ‘underworld’.  We are served a prime example this week of the noble art; a must read for those not familiar. This is a classic tale, with a happy ending this time; it is not always so.

Australian airports are still in the spotlight, the water contamination a major problem and the extreme lengths government agencies are prepared to reach in avoidance of responsibility or compensation make for a clear picture. Again, there is a lot to catch up with – but the Jamie Walker article shows what can be done – the post following define what is not.

As always, the Senate Committees prove to be very good value and reassurance that there are some able, intelligent politicians and statesmen who actually care about the well being of this country.  Post 421 starts the ball rolling, the video coverage worthy of attention.

For a little light entertainment the latest piece of folly – from the Risible Greens – is worth a few moments.

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May the little green men be with you.