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We need to remind ourselves – this is a capital ‘B’ bureaucracy Skidmore must deal with, not democracy.  If it were a democracy then he would attract a veritable landslide majority on a reform platform; but it ain’t a democracy, is it (rhetorical).

It was impressive that almost as soon as the SoI was issued, the Skidmore offering was published.  It speaks of cohesion, organisation, planning and cooperation.  Jolly good.  We may, with certainty discard the Minuscule rhetoric, it was not for us.   There is a ‘public service’ beast which must be soothed; the ‘opposition’ must not be given a loose end to tug at and unravel his knitting; then the travelling public must be lulled back into their somnambulant state, convinced that all is well.  No disrespect intended; but the ‘words’ of the DPM have little to do with the upcoming battle; except as an indication that Truss will support the Skidmore efforts, as will the good Senators.  The Truss speech was just worthless words in the wind; BUT the SOI as a very ‘real’ indication of rock solid political support for CASA reform, is priceless.  Hell, if he hired the inestimable Rev. Forsyth I could upgrade him from Minuscule to minister.  Perhaps he has removed his head from the sand, just for quick look about.  Well done the secretariat.  Bravo.It says much for Skidmore that he has won respect and support from the Senate crew,  overcoming the corrosive McComic legacy.  Not just because of Pel-Air, the CASA front row tactics had rubbed the Senators raw for a long while; left them hostile and not even thinking of letting CASA off the hook.  Now perhaps there is a man they can believe in, maybe they will now assist in cleaning out the vermin which inhabits the dark places of the Sleepy Hollow forest.   There’s not too much wrong with the forest, bit overgrown, tangled and neglected, lot’s of deadwood, but essentially, with some solid work it may be returned to it’s former, vermin free glory.

So, Mother Skidmore’s boy now has a mandate, a good group of backers, first class coaches, reliable first aid; and, the support of the crowd, to help him on his way to winning the match.  One problem is, the opposition team are wearing his teams colours; makes them hard to spot in the scrums and the rucks a nightmare; all part of the McComic legacy.  No one minds a hard, clean game where the rough and tumble is kept within ‘gentleman’s’ limits; but the industry cannot field a team; not until it is certain sure that the referee is not a one eyed bigot, playing for and paid by the opposition.  The board must sort the referee quandary out, starting with the AAT.

One may, I believe trust the new DAS, but he is without a reliable front row; for they will collapse the scrum – a purpose – Oh, they understand team spirit alright; the trick is to work out which team and which spirit.   Another problem is within the reserve grade ranks; the McComic hand picked catamites are even more morally corrupt, venal, unreliable and hungry.

Let’s all hope that the board can assist with the selections and give the new skipper a decent team to work with.  The old adage – set a thief to catch a thief – is valid, keeps the blood letting to a minimum and behind closed doors.

I wish you well Sir; good fortune and good hunting.  Shall I send the beaters out now, or will ye have your breakfast first?

Aye, Toot toot indeed.  “Polish the brass work Gobbles; we may yet have more work to do”.  “K”.