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Barnaby & Windsor
It is fact that many have turned their backs on Ben Morgan; Jeff Boyd and the Nanny Mummy lady from the CASA board for starters; Chester won’t play and BarmyBaby could, if he tried, care less.  Then there’s the ‘vested interest’ groups such as certain AOPA board members to whom the mere mention of change causes unpleasant rashes and strange noises in their nether regions.

Sure, Morgan overcooked it a bit at Tamworth; enthusiasm and passion combined with inexperience produced that; so what?   Nanny Mummy lady flounced her skirts and ended a conversation by turning her back to Morgan, storming off in high dudgeon back to Boyd when Ben would not be persuaded to ‘back off’ or be converted.  Boyd then stated that ‘he’ would not attend any meeting where Morgan was present, nor was Morgan welcome at any ‘government’ meeting.  A dangerous, petty and very short sighted response to someone telling it ‘like it is’ and challenging not only CASA; but it’s impotent board.  I think we may, for the purpose of this Sunday ramble (on Saturday) safely forget about the politicians involved; in reality they don’t signify, not today at least.

General opinion shades Boyd as a shot duck.  This truth is, daily, becoming more apparent.  It shows in his delivery on radio, in his actions and speech at Tamworth; it also shows in his increasingly obvious loss of condition, humour and good temper.  But mostly it shows in his response to the hard truths he was told.  Those provoking a response which was both a conflicted denial and defence of CASA.  Then there is the noted, rapidly taken,  converse position to his original stance on the CASA antics and foolhardiness.  It’s all there: freely available on the public record.  A man with a master cannot be his own man and Boyd must make a decision, for there is no middle road or fence to sit on. Support CASA or support industry.  Duplicity is easily spotted.

Dick Smith hit the nail on the head – Boyd has been ‘got at’.  If you tell a child he ‘can’t’ do a thing often enough, the child will eventually acquiesce and believe it.  That belief will affect all life decisions from there on.  Take sports, tell a kid he is crap at rugby and can’t do it, then patiently explain why, often enough and that kid will never touch a ball.  Boyd has been inculcated with the ‘Can’t’ edict; you can’t do this, you can’t do that; endlessly repeated, along with well rehearsed, oft repeated reasons why, on anything that does not suit the established norm.  Add a reality fix which demonstrates, clearly and often that being the boss of the board does not imply power of any description; then add the subtle influence of other board members singing the same hypnotic chorus and Bingo.   You have a confused angry, frustrated man, easy to beat.  For  mine, the first give away is where Boyd says “Mark was a bit set up”, which is a total bollocks of the first water.  The next is shamelessly adopting a position contrary to the Act, ‘Commercial consideration’.   This has been a CASA catchall No-no supporting all manner of aberration for generations.  It is a strange, contrary, confused stance, more typical of a victim of Stockholm syndrome than that the fire breathing, reformist Chairman of the CASA board. This manipulation has been expertly applied by those skilled in the arcane arts, to the point where there is a clear call for resignation of the board, public disappointment being a prime motivator.

Ben Morgan challenged all of this; and more.  Said that which must be said and is prepared to be damned for it – if it helps the industry.  Many will disown him, but use the leverage given to selfishly further their own cause; some will support him; privately, while publicly denying it; others will slither out the firing line to protect their own rice bowls.  No matter, which ever way you slice it, there needed to be a shouting match, even if it’s only to express the industry frustration and anger. For that is very, very real; alive and dwelling in the hearts and minds of those involved in matters aeronautical.

Morgan is in the ring and the bell for round two is about to be struck, he’s ready to fight his corner.  Now Boyd either cannot, nor will not face him; too conflicted and confused to even know which corner to stand in and in no condition for a heavyweight bout.  He and his board have figuratively and literally turned their backs to the challenge.

Boyd only has two options – step up to the mark and slug it out for CASA; or, hold the Morgan jacket while he leads the charge toward reforming the bloody dreadful apparition we call CASA.  Which leaves CASA a problem; who will step into the ring to fight their corner?  The short answer is no one.  None of the other side ‘hero’s’ will step into the ring to confront the wannabe champion.  Nope, they will simply let him stand there, isolated and alone until midnight, when the audience will go home.

Hero he may be, Villain he may be; but no man dare call him coward.


Art thou afeard
To be the same in thine own act and valor
As thou art in desire? Wouldst thou have that
Which thou esteem’st the ornament of life,
And live a coward in thine own esteem,
Letting “I dare not” wait upon “I would, ”
Like the poor cat i’ th’ adage?