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The IOS have awarded DDDD another couple of D’s in acknowledgement of his work in matters aeronautical. Ducking, diving, deceitful, duplicitous being a sample of suggestions made: but ‘Duck-Up’ won the votes. Sandy set the tone:-

Sandy – “Maybe he really is leaving, I read somewhere on another thread that he’s looking to upgrade the Gippsland rail line because it’s one of the most unreliable lines. If one had the time to look up the facts….
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Darren trying to allocate some money in there soon?  Guess where the Minister’s seat is located. Going to be a funny one, giving Daniels and the Vic Labor boys a giggle because as anyone knows the State controls the railways. Sophisticated politics Darren, what a wizard.

But the responses to important matters raised by industry have been dismal. We can only hope that things change after the budget and the reshuffle. Industry simply cannot go on pouring millions into a serious flawed, failing system then being asked to provide the solutions; then having those expert solutions ignored. It is a farcical situation.

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Photo: Aviation experts are worried that even lightweight drones pose a risk to aircraft. (ABC TV)

Speaking of Drones; the potential for rapid growth and revenue generation is proceeding at a pace. There is no doubt the drones are here and here to stay. It is, cosmetically at least, reassuring that our inestimable RRAT Senate committee is taking a long look at the matter. No doubt the Senators will get it right and hand down their considered recommendations. The concern must be what will happen after that; will those recommendations become more ‘opinionated shelf-ware’? It’s happened so many times before that I wonder at the fortitude and tenacity of the Senators that they keep trying.

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Lost causes seem to be in vogue this week. Australia’s obligations under the Chicago convention being another ‘classic’ of the genre. AMROBA’s  Ken Cannane (legend) puts a hat on the extraordinary pickle aircraft maintenance system has landed in. There is a way out and Ken is standing at the exit pointing the way at the top of his lungs – to deaf ears and blind eyes. Get well soon mate, even the gods know how badly we need you on deck. Thorny posted a choc frog response to the P2 sally; much to consider.

The national broadcaster, ‘the ABC’ presented through the ‘7:30 Report’ an excellent short look at the dreadful state of the Australian TSB.

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Well, the ATSB donned their Hi-viz vests and vanished from the fray, declining to answer any and all questions; electing instead to have a snivel on their very own ‘Correcting the Record’ show. The sibilant, mewling makes the stomach churn; but doughty P2 always manages (with the aid of a bucket) to pick up whispered half truths, lisped to the unsuspecting public. We used to get much better service than this; now we get much less for much more public money. Time this crew were sorted out; ‘out’ being the operative word.

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CASA had a stellar week at the Avalon show; spent a serious amount of money on their ‘plastic’ castle (which the shrinks could have fun with); pissed off those who paid their rent to sell coffee by dishing the stuff out for free; significantly reduced the number of aircraft flying in through the threat of ‘ramp check’ and then topped it all off by watching,  while doing and saying nothing about the approach procedures and the shocking state of the runway provided. An aircraft or two were damaged on that strip; but no matter, CASA got their ramp check quota. Bravo Carmody, stellar. Despite this – HITCH – (courtesy of Australian Flying) managed to enjoy himself and provide a potted version of the important GAAG progress, such as it is.

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The success of the ‘Wellcamp’ aerodrome project has inspired the entrepreneurs. Now airports are a very ‘sensitive’ subject in Australia; everything from graft to corruption; gouging to tax avoidance; toxic waste to greed and, buildings approved ridiculously close to the operational areas of active airports. Nothing to with ATSB or CASA the Senate was told; go figure. P2 has in a truly massive post attempted to lay it all out. Proof positive that the truth is always much stranger than fiction.

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Can’tberra is in budget frenzy mode so I’m not expecting too much in the way of positive response to the massive problems the minister should be dealing with.  Matters aeronautical will be in a holding pattern for a while now; until the ‘new’ DAS (silly title) is sworn in and perhaps, after the budget, a new minister. Oh, how we need both. Then again, I was taught to be careful what I wished for.

That’s a wrap. “Yes dear; I’ll fix the bloody fence; yes, the gate too and bath the dog, and clean up the workshop; I’ll attend to the mess my study directly”.

Toot – Roll on Beer o’clock – toot.